Teaching as a professional

Introduction about Teaching as a profession 

No system of Education will rise more than its teachers. The thanks to child-centred education will only be through teacher-centred school”. Cicero same 2000 years past – what larger or higher gift came supply the republic than to teacher and instruct our youth? His words square measure as true these days as they were 2000 years past. The quality of a nation depends upon the standard of its colleges and this relies primarily upon the standard of academics. The Mudaliar Report declared “we square measure convinced that the foremost necessary think about the contemplated instructional reconstruction is that the teacher – his personal qualities, his instructional qualifications, his skilled coaching the place that he occupies within the college further as within the community.

                           As the teacher is to guide the pupils by his example further as by his precept, he should possess sure definite qualities. the most effective academics square measure those that have sure natural qualifications for the work. What square measure those natural qualifications we tend to shall currently proceed to explain.

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Characteristics of a perfect Teacher:

i) The teacher should be smart trying. The dress ought to be tight and sober.

ii) Teacher ought to have calm nature, sweet appearance charming face pleasant deportment, therefore on exert an honest influence on each the general public and also the pupils.

III) His character ought to be higher than reproach.

iv) smart mental and physical health is another essential to be an honest teacher.

v) sociality is another essential attribute for a coach.

vi) The teacher should have a way of humour

Teacher ought to be an individual with whom youngsters will have traditional, friendly human relationships
In short, the teacher must possess a comprehensive chiseled personality.He must be careful about following .

a) He ought to be notably careful concerning the subsequent. He must be punctual to the minute.

b) He should be simply, truthful and impartial altogether dealings and will be referred to as such.

c) He should have pleasing manners and will be courteous to any or all

d) Homust respect pupils opinion and will invite free discussion within the category.

e) He should be ready to earn respect.

f) He should be accountable in his speak and in his behaviour

g) He should not be rigid, too strict-yet ought to be prompt and business use.

h). He should be kind and sympathetic

I) He should be extraordinarily honest

j) He should be self-directed and self-directive

k) He should be associate degree evangelistic in kid study evangelistic in his subject and matter of methodology.

l) Last however not least necessary, he ought to understand himself.

He effects eternity is the backbone of society. he’s a social engineer and helpful public servant, he’s a superior guide: he’s a nation builder.



The minimum levels of learning were ordered down at the first Education for the standard improvement of the youngsters. a collection of values were additionally ordered down for developing competencies. The minimum levels of learning strategy basically aims at attaining mastery level for all youngsters as a region of Universalisation of quality education. For such an approach the competencies associate degreed qualities of the teacher can got to be puzzled out specifically and pragmatically.

As such the NCTE alternative other national seminars developed the subsequent 10 inter-related classes of competencies. They are:

i) discourse competencies

II) abstract competencies

iii) Content competencies

iv) Transactional competencies

v) Competencies associated with alternative instructional attitudes

vi) Competencies to develop teaching-learning material

vii) analysis competencies

viii) Management competencies

ix) Competencies associated with operating with oldsters and

x) Competencies associated with operating with community and alternative agency.

Let us currently discuss these discourse competencies.

1.contextual Competencies:

The teacher ought to have the understanding of National, State and world functions. Teacher ought to even have the understanding of assorted alternative problems like developmental activities, urbanization, state, price ingraining, political dynamics and growing impact and technology development. The existing program can be explored for such parts as can be reborn into competencies. The gaps if any might even be known and crammed by understanding appropriate measures and developing executable ways.Under contextual competencies the primary school teacher needs to acquire a complete understanding of the socio-economic cultural, linguistic, spiritual contexts of specific family and community profile. lecturers job is that the integral half not solely of the whole education system however conjointly of the social and cultural systems of community.

2.Content Competencies:

Teachers ought to have full mastery over the content competencies known within the competence based mostly program. Content competencies known by Dave Committee Report or its adaptation by the State should be achieved mastery by the scholar lecturers in their teacher preparation programmes at the teacher coaching establishments. they ought to establish laborious spots of learning and wherever there’s enough scope for joyful activities within the program.

3.Competencies to develop teaching-learning material:

Student teacher needs to develop the competencies in preparation of various reasonably teaching learning material like text books, work books, self-learning material for cluster and individual learning. lecturers handbooks and similar alternative material is also utilized by the lecturers so as to boost their own skilled standards.

The room teaching learning material like charts, pictures, maps. diagrams, tables is also ready and utilized by the teacher to complement the standard of their teaching. Teaching learning materials supported new technology as audio-tapes, video tapes, slides, radio, TV, laptop and similar alternative gadgets is also utilized by the lecturers for effective teaching.

Teachers ought to conjointly create use of domestically offered learning resources like bank, post workplace, hospital etc. to complement the teaching learning experiences.

4. Analysis Competencies:

When competence  program is introduced it’s necessary to it competence based analysis ought to be adopted. the subsequent points got to be due thought.

  1. The construct of 35 percent marks pass need to be done away and each learner ought to acquire highest proficiency.
  1. Illuminative analysis is also adopted by the teacher which incorporates self-analysis on the a part of the teacher.
  1. The best construct of continuous comprehensive analysis within the room ought to be adopted.

In addition to the on top of periodical analysis is also obsessed in formal manner for diagnostic purpose comprehensive analysis or the annual analysis is important consistent with the foundations and laws.[]

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