classification of assessment

Assessment is a broad term that includes all of the various methods used to determine the extent of an individual’s achievement. Below define the classification of assessment in 5 categories

1-Based on Purpose

2-Based on Scope


4-Mode of response


Classification of Assessment based on Purpose

Classification of Assessment based on Purpose There are –

Placement Evaluation, Formative Evaluation, Diagnostic evaluation, Summative evaluation

1. Placement Evaluation :
  • To determine the entry behaviour at beginning of the instruction. This evaluation process, know the knowledge, skills, and objectives of instruction Ex-Interview, Entrance, Individual inventory
2. Formative evaluation :
  • To determine the learning process during the instruction. It’s playing a vital role in the evaluation process. It’s formation the knowledge
  • to provide continuous feedback to both teacher and student.
  • It’s the improvement of learning and instruction.
  • Exam. Monthly Test, Weekly Test, Quarterly Test, etc
3. Diagnostic evaluation :
  • To determine the learning difficulties during the instruction.
  • It’s diagnostic the problems
4. Summative evaluation.
  • To determine the learning achievement at the end of the instruction.
  • These techniques used include teacher-made achievement test.

Example – Annual examination, Semester Exam.

Functions of Summative Evaluation :

  • Summarizes the final progress of the student as a result of a course of learning unit or lesson.
  • Results may be safely used for making comparisons among, students, placing them in order of mentor taking decisions about their promotion and awarding degree or diploma.
  • Gives overall feedback and a final picture of the student can be obtained. Judges the achievement of objectives on the basis of learner’s performance.
  • Lastly provides reinforcements to the teacher concerned for the success or failure of a program.

Classification of assessment based on the scope

There are classified under three main categories

a) Observational Techniques

b)Testing techniques

c) Self-reporting techniques


Sociometric techniques-



This technics assessment to social relationship
Star symbol ___________________ Star line
Clique symbol – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Segment
Isolate symbol ……………………………… Dot


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