Computer virus

Computer Virus:

Computer virus is a piece of codes that are designed to damage computer by destroying data corrupting files ,stealing password, data etc. It is like a human virus, has the property to replicate itself and it can also spread from one computer device to another device . Computer virus can not spread without programming such as document or file.

History of computer virus:

The 1st c. virus was developed by Robert Thomas in 1971 and  the name  was creeper . This virus displayed the message “I am creeper, catch me if you can .”But the original  virus was discovered by Richard Skrenta in 1982 , the name was Elk cloner . This virus infected Apple l through floppy disk .It displayed the message with some little Poem . Ika tako virus Replaced your files with the picture of Squid . I Love You Virus can destroyed your file and stole your data .


Year Name of Virus


1982Elk Cloner


1988 Morris Internet Worm

1990 Melissa

1991 Michelangelo

2000 I Love You

2001 Code Red

2003 Blaster

2004 Sasser

2006 Nyxem

2007 Zeus

2010 Stucnet

2011 Trojan

2012 Rootkit

2015 Bashlite Malware

2016 Memz


what is Generation of Computer
Generation Cvomputer

Type of computer virus:


These are of following types –

1-Boot Sector virus

2-Resident virus

3-Polymorphic virus

4-Spacefiller virus

5-overwrite virus

6-Direct action virus

7-Multipartite virus

8-Macro virus


How these  virus attack & spread?


It attacks your systems in various ways. It attacks your device during the time of internet file download , app download  and opening link or attachment etc .It can also spread by email or text message attachment .

What are the symptoms of computer virus ?


1-A C. virus slow your device performance

2-It can damage your hard drive & crash your system

3-If your device is affected by virus than unfamiliar program start up when you turn on your system.

4.A  virus can change your password and prevent you to logging into the device .

5- Different mails being sent from your account with out your knowledge .


Malware vs Spyware vs Adware:


Malware is a superset of computer virus , Trojan horses , Rootkits , Worms ,Spyware ,Adware and other malicious software , including the virus . Spyware is a type of malicious software (malware) installed on computer that collect information about users without their knowledge . Adware advertising supported software is any software package which automatically renders advertisement .


what is Antivirus ?

Antivirus is a software consisting computers programs that attempt to identify , detect & prevent malware from the computer .Some popular Antivirus are-

1-Avast Antivirus

2-Avira Antivirus

3-Anti spyware 2010

4-Panda security Antivirus pro-2010

5-Mca free Antivirus

Another contend


Computer Networking Networking is the effective process of interacting with others to exchange information and developing social contact. Networking is basically divided into 2 type- 1-Computer networking 2-Social networking 1.COMPUTER NETWORKING:- Computer networking is the process of communication between a group of computer that.


The History of Computer development is often referred to the different generation of computer device. Each computer generation is characterising by a better technology that change the way of computer operator, configuration, more powerful, efficient 


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