concept and scope of education

[A] Introduction:

Education is an ever-changing and ever expending and dynamic concept, it meant for a human being, Thus. the most significant purpose of education is to humanise the humanity. Education makes the child future. The basic needs of human being are food, shelter and nutrition. The basic need is fulfilled by a well-civilized education person, in this seance I can say that education is necessary for every person, by education pupil, can fulfill the aims of their lives. Education is that convert or transforms a child to a social and spiritual being. Lastly, can say that education have no ending point that starts from the mother womb being end in the grave.

[B] Etymological Meaning of Education:

The term education has been derived from a different source of the Latin words it has the following origin
E +Duco = “E” means “out of ”
“Duco” means “to lead”

That the from ” Internal to External “. In other words, education also derived from another three words, Theas are

(a) Education means ” to bring up “, ” to raise ”
(b) Education means ” to drow out “, ” to lead out ”
(c) Education means ” the act of teaching, instruction, training ”

meaning of education

[C] Meaning of Education:

Education is a modification of behaviour is two types that is internal & external.

(i) Narrower meaning of Education

The word `education` is often used in the narrow sense. It gives a specific meaning and patterns to education impacted at a specific place that may be school, college and university. By a specific set of person called teacher at a specific time from 10 am to 11 pm curriculum, methods of teaching, examination and teaching are fixed. It is the concept of 11 wals 2 pags and 7 period methods.

(ii) Broader meaning of Education

Education is a life long process. It is a continues process. It starts from the mother`s womb and ends in the grave. Therefore all experiences from birth to death come under the broader meaning of education. Education is not confined to a place, a person or a specific purpose. All type of learning formal, informal, non-formal come under the broader sense of education.

[D] Definition of education

(i) Western concept of education:

Aristotle – ” Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body ”
Plato – ” Education is the capacity to feel pleasure and pain at the right moment ”
John Deway – ” Education is a continuous reconstruction of experience ”
Spencer – ” Preparing for complete living ”
Comenius – ” Development of the whole man ”
Rousseale – ” Development from within ”
Emerson – ” Controlling the mind “

(ii) Eastern/ Indian concept:

Upanishad – “Saa vidya jaa vimukthaya ”
Sankaracharaya – ” Education is the realisation of the self ”
M.K Gandhi – ” By education, i mean all-round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and sprite. ”
R. Tagor – ” education makes one`s life in harmony with all existence ”
Swami Dayananda Saraswati – ” Education is a means for character formation and righteous living ”
Ramakrishna Paramahamasa – ” Purification of the mind and heart ”
Vivekananda – ” Education is the manifestation of diving perfection already existing in man ”
Aurubindo – ” Helping the growing soul to drow out that is in itself “

[E] Nature of Education:

1- Education is a Lifelong Process.
2- Education is a social process.
3- Education is Science.
4- Education is the development process.
5- It is a unipolar process ( john adam son)
6- It is a bipolar process ( john adam)
7- It is a tripolar process (john deway)
8- It is a multipolar process( spencer)
9- Education is socialization.
10- Education is a continuous reconstruction of experience.
11- Education is human resource development.
12- It is a modification of behaviour.
13- It is all-round development of man, like Physical, mental, emotional, moral and social.

agencies of education

[F] Agencies of Education:

In generally agencies of education was three types, these are

(a) Formal Agencies
(b) In-formal Agencies
(c) Non-formal Agencies

(a) Formal Agency:

Formal agency is those which imparted in an educational institution, school or college. Formal education have specific syllabus, curriculum, timetable, teacher, teaching methods etc. it was organised by some agency. Say that Government or the private agency. It associated with a degree or certificate.

(b) Informal Agency:

Informal agency includes those institution which performe verious education function just indirectly. Informal agency help to the individual for developing the basic knowledge & basic skills, where total system are not fixed, not planned, not organised but exicute in systematic way. Family, society, community club and other institution which are not established by the government that example of the informal agency.

(c) Non-formal Agency:

The non-formal agency is organized various educational activity that takes place outside the formal education. Usually, it is flexible learner-centered, contextualized and use a participatory approach, newspaper, TV, radio, telegram, cellphone, are these example of the non-formal agency.

[G] Scope of Education:

The scope of education is very wide comprehensive and broader than other terms, it means the area, boundary of education. Scope of education is ultimate and there are some specific field where education imparted for its effectiveness these are:-

– Educational Philosophy.
– Educational Psychology.
– Educational Sociology.
– History of Education.
– Economics of Education.
– Methods of Teaching.
– Educational administration & supervision.
– Problems of Education.
– Population of Education.
– Envermantal Education.

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