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Concept and Scope of Philosophy


Philosophy is the mother of all Subject philosophy is a systematic equalization to reality. It helps the coordination of different activities of individuals and also Society. All subject like Sociology, literatiences history, Science & logic & education, etc depends on Philosophy their full-flowering of enrichment. Every man lives for his own philosophy of life. So set is very much important to know what philosophy is?


The word philosophy is derived from the Greek word “Philos” and “Sophia” means “wisdom”.Thus philosophy is the love of wisdom. Plato in this “Republic” defined that he who has a test for every shot of knowledge and who is never satisfied may be termed means philosophy is interested in all types of knowledge, whereas a physicist in the physical process of the universe, a historian in the past events, geography in the natural condition of the universe, a biologist in the biological process have a multi-dimensional outlook and interest. philosophers are coming under different philosophical schools like an idealist, naturalist, philosophical, pragmatist, realist, progressivist, etc.

Both philosophical and education have an intimate relationship. According to john admans – ” Edn is the dynamic side of philosophical ” According to ross, ” Philosophy and education are two sides of the same coin -The former is called passive side and the latter is the called active side. Philosophy and education are related to each other as flower and fragrance. All educational problems are questions of philosophy are great educationists like Thalis, Confucious, Aristotle, Gandhi, Jhon dewy, Swami Bibaka Nanda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, etc.

Definition of philosophy:

1. Dr.Sarvapali Radha Krishna – Philosophy is a logical inquiry into the nature of reality.

2. Fichte – Philosophy is a Science of Knowledge.

3. B.Rossell – Philosophy is a logical knowledge of the basic principles of different science.

4. Cante – Philosophy is the science and criticism of the cognitive domain among the human being.

Concept and Scope of philosophy

Characteristics of philosophy:

1. Philosophy is related with the knowledge of reality.

2. Philosophy helps to all for finding the truth.

3. Philosophy may be conservative, traditional and flexible in nature.

4. The ideas of philosophy are relevant and meaningful.

5. Philosophy deals with the nature of reality.

6. Philosophy is that which finds out different sense forget the way of knowledge.

7. Philosophy is that which is always dynamic.

8. Philosophy provides a different direction for the modification of behavior.

9. The relationship between ATMA and PARAMATMA can be possible only the process philosophy

10. it is deals with the process of conceptualism.

Concept and Scope of philosophy

Relationship between Education and philosophy :

1. Philosophy and education are interesting, interconnected, and intercorrelated with each other.

2. Educational and philosophy are dynamic because both deal with human being and their life.

3. Philosophy is theoretical but education is practical in nature.

4. Philosopicxal sets the goal and creates a good life among the individual but education finds out the solution by which the goal of a human being can be fulfilled.

5. Philosophy determines what constitutes a life but education makes that very glorious.

6. Philosophy deals with ends but education deals with some techniques to achieve those ends.

7. Philosophy deals with some abstraction but education is concrete in nature.

8. Truth and principle can be established through philosophy but education helps it in the process.

9. Philosophy is the love of wisdom but education collects all this wisdom for the individual.

10. Philosophy determines the various aspect of education but education is a part of philosophy so there is a saying ” Philosophy is the mother of  all subjects”

education and philosophy

Scope of Philosophy

(i) Scope refers to width and breadth, outlook, comprehensiveness, range of experience, purview, etc.
(ii) The scope of philosophy is very vast Francis Bacan, a great English philosopher regarded philosophy as “the great mother of sciences”
(iii) The scope of philosophy can be understood by seeing the branches of philosophy.
(iv) Broadly speaking there are mainly three branches are, Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Axiology.[….]

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