Concept of Values, Meaning, Definition and Classification

                           Concept of Values – Meaning and Classification


Axiology is that the branch of philosophy that deals with the system of values. it’s thought of as theory of values. Values area unit vital in human life for fulfillment in material life and social lifetime of the individual.

Inculcation valuable/important from college onward is extremely vital in development of character and sensible temperament among people and it will solve the matter of value crisis of society. Values area unit that the results of any activity ought to be sensible, helpful and acceptable. they’re vital as a result of each act is that the reflection of a personal

value and each human establishment the outgrowth of social prices. after we open the pages of history, we tend to notice that philosophers of the nice tradition from Plato to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel are greatly involved with values. Thus, once philosophers raise what the supreme finish of life is, then they’re extremely coping with values.


Value is that that is vital, that that is the object of the individual’s effort, it’s that one lives and that he’s ready to form the best sacrifices. supported chronicle which means and its verbal which means, price signifies that quality of a personal or factor that makes that individual or factor vital, respectable and helpful.

This quality could also be internal or external or both. supported philosophical or instructional interpretation of import signifies neither a factor nor a personal, however an idea or a degree of view.

As such, something that is beneficial to a personal becomes valuable to him. The exact same factor could also be quite useless to a different individual and it’s of no price there to individual.

Thus, from the philosophical position, a price is directly associated with a read purpose or thought. supported economical position, a price directly connected to sensible utility, in exchange. something that satisfies human want is taken into account as price.

values education


Educational values area unit associated with those activities that area unit smart, helpful and valuable from the purpose of read of education, in line with Adams, Education could be a bipolar method that has two parts-

(1) The teacher

(2) The Learner

The teacher so as to mould and modify the behavior of kid employs varied methods and techniques to realize the required behavioural amendment within the child. He performs of these activities, as a result of he thinks them as valuable for the aim seeable. because the teacher provides An surroundings of utility and price to the kid, if identical manner the kid participates solely in those activities that he considers helpful and valuable. Thus, the Teacher and therefore the kid participate solely in those activities that they think about as educationally helpful and valuable.

According to Cunningham Academic values become aims of education. in line with these qualities, skills and capacities area unit Sromoted within the people, that area unit inherently values of life.

J.S.Brubacher speaks, “To state one’s aim of education is right away to state his academic values.”


There are two views about educational values. They are:

(1) Internal and Subjective.
(2) External and Objective.

(1) Internal and Subjective:

Some educationists ar of opinion that vantes depend on personal concepts and experiences. In alternative words,a value is born out of a mind’s power of imagination. They hold that those things ar of any use to groups of people that have values inherent in them. Things ar of no use haven’t any worth. Hence, educational values ar internal and subjective. in keeping with these educationists, programme construction, choice of academic aids, ways and ways all depend on the teacher and also the child. They verify their values in keeping with their utility.

(2) External and Objective:

Some educationists firmly hold that values ar inherent in objects and activities in accordance with their qualities and attributes. in keeping with their read, the social atmosphere influences the standard or the worth of Associate in Nursing object. In alternative words, it’s the social atmosphere that assigns Associate in Nursingy worth to an object. Hence, every social worth in keeping with atmosphere centers Associate in Nursing object and becomes a locality of it.

These educationists don’t regard a value as one thing internal and objective, however assert that it’s external and objective. in keeping with them, curriculum construction choice of ways, ways and teaching aids ar all used with relevancy to the social atmosphere during which the lecturers similarly as Child live.


Values have been classified in 4 ways. In below we discuss one by one.


Philosophically it can be classified values based on the instinct nature of human mind. There mainly principally 3 kinds of values:

(i) Logical Values or Truth Values (Satyam):

Knowing is that the instinct nature of human mind. Our mind satisfies only if we all know the truths. Our mind ne’er accepts the contradictions. Truth values or logical values area unit thought-about final values.

(ii) Moral Values or Sensible Values (Shivam):

‘Willing’ or desire and ‘goodness’ area unit the instinct nature of human mind. Our mind satisfies only if we have a tendency to accepts sensible. Our mind never accepts the bad wishes.

The study associated with sensible and unhealthy is understood as science of ethics. Many ethical philosophers, scholars, saints have projected numerous forms of moral values like truth, loyalty, helping others, non-steeling, kindness, habitation etc. sensible values also are thought-about as final values. it’s expected with people got to be followed the moral values as a result of it’s like prescriptions which supplies happiness and creates harmony within the society.

(iii) Aesthetic Values or Beauty Values (Sundaram):

‘Feeling’ is that the instinct nature of human mind. Our mind satisfies solely with beauty feeling. Our mind never accepts the ugly. The study associated with beauty is understood as science of Aesthetics.

Aesthetic values also are thought-about as final values. Aesthetic Values provide North American country pleasure and happiness. Some educationists delimit these values up to the domain of fine arts solely. different educationists of the day hold that pleasure and happiness conjointly be derived from different subjects of the course of study also besides fine arts. It ought to be borne in mind that aesthetic experiences area unit vitally composed of feelings of heart as well as mind. Hence, teacher should try to acquaint kids with various info as well as co-curricular activities to develop the aesthetic values additional and additional.
According to Plato, Truth, good and sweetness values are at each individual and at all over.

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