Currency and capital of different countries

Currency and capital of different countries


India Indian Rupee(INR) New Delhi Constitutionally President:-Ram Nath Kovind


In  Reality Prime minister:-Narendra Modi


Pakistan Pakistani Rupee(PKR)


1 PKR = 0.45 INR


Islamabad Prime


minister:-Imran Khan

Australia Australian Dollar(AUD)


1 AUD = 52.12 INR

Canberra Prime Minister:-Scott- Morrison
Afghanistan Afghani(AFN)


1 AFN = O.98 INR

Kabul President:-Ashraf Ghani
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Rupee(LKR)


1 LKR = 0.41 INR

Colombo Prime Minister:- Mahindra Rajapaksa
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Taka(BDT)


1 BDT = 0.90 INR

Dhaka Prime minister :-Sheikh Hasina
South Africa Rand(ZAR)


1 ZAR = 4.40 INR

Cape town President :-Cyril Ramaphosa





United Kingdom Pound Sterling(GBP)1 GBP =94.16 INR London Prime Minister :- Boris Johnson






Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar(ZWD)


1 ZWD = 0.210 INR

Harare Prime Minister :- Emmerson Mnangagwa
United States America Dollar(USD)


1 USD = 76.25 rupee

Washington D.C. President- Donald Trump
Vietnam Dong(VND)


1 VND = 0.0033 INR

Hanoi Prime Minister :- Nguyen Xuan Phuc
Uruguay Uruguay peso(UYU)


1UYU = 1.78 INR

Montevideo President:- Tabare Vazquez
Austria Euro(EUR)


1 EUR = 85.23 INR

Vienna President :- Alexander Van der Ballen



Argentina Peso Buenos Aires President :- Mauricio Macri
United Arab Emirates(UAE) UAE Dirham (AED)


1AED = 20.77 INR

Abu Dhabi PrimeMinister:-Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Maktoum
Turkey Turkish lira (TRY)


1TRY = 11.13 INR

Ankara Prime Minister-Binali Yildirim
Switzerland Swiss France(CHF)


1 CHF = 80.10 INR

Berne President:- Simonetta Sommaruga
Thailand Thai Baht(THB)


1 THB = 2.45 INR

Bangkok Prime Minister:- prayut Chan- o- cha
New Zealand New Zealand dollar(NZD)


1 NZD = 48.86 INR

Wellington Prime Minister:-Jacinda Ardern




Netherland European euro(EUR)


1EUR = 85.23 INR

Amsterdam Prime Minister :- Mark Rutte
China Chinese Yuan(CNY)


1CNY = 10.78 INR

Beijing President :- Jinping






Japan Japanese Yen(JPY)


1 JPY = 0.71 INR


Tokyo Prime Minister


:-Shinzo Abe

Russia Ruble(RUB)


1 RUB = 1.098 INR

Moscow Prime Minister:- Mikhali Mishustin
Somalia Somali Shilling(SOS)


1 SOS = 76.25 INR

Mogadishu Prime Minister :- Hassan Ali Khayre
The value of money it should be changed  day to day 
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