Democracy and education 

Classification of Democracy

(A) Introductions

Democracy is regarded to be a system of authorities and a way of lifestyles which presents outstanding scope than any different machine for the improvement of human individuality and the various abilities which nature has given to people and companies It is a authentic to say that guys and communities thrive first-class in an environment of freedom. Democratic philosophy of education on the different hand is “not solely to undertake training to democracy, however to make democracy itself for education”. 

Democracy derived from two Greek phrases particularly ‘Demos’ and any other phrase is ‘Kratos’, demos ability ‘people’ and Kratos’ ability rule’ or ‘power’. Thus democracy potential “rule by way of the people”.

If humans are to rule themselves and no longer be ruled, King’s, tyrants, aristocrats, etc., have to instruct themselves for the takes. With out appropriate expertise and coaching it would be nearly not possible to reap the aspiration to self rule. There fore, schooling need to be so oriented in its ideology, strategies and its enterprise that it will enhance the simple features of character, which are very plenty crucial for the profitable functioning of the democratic life. Democracy is a shape of authorities in which all eligible residents take part equally both without delay or via elected representatives in the proposal, improvement and introduction of laws. This time period originated in fifth century.

The time period “Democracy’ first regarded in Ancient Greek political and philosophical idea in the City-State of Athens. Democracy is a structure of authorities in which all eligible residents take part equally both at once or via elected representatives in the proposal, improvement and advent of laws. This time period originated in fifth century.

(B) The thought of democracy consists of the following four fundamental elements:

1. A political system for selecting and changing the authorities thru free and honest elections.

2. The energetic participation of the human beings as residents in political and civic life.

3. Protection of human rights of all citizens.

4. A rule of regulation in which the legal guidelines and procedures practice equally to all citizens.

In this connection it is apt to recollect the phrases of Abraham Lincoln, the former president of America. The definition given by way of him used to be “the democracy is the authorities of the people, by way of the humans and for the people”. This potential that humans are worried in all the factors except any discrimination. .

lassification of Democracy

Democracy has been categorized in a range of ways, There are:

1. Direct Democracy:

In such a machine all the human beings in a society experience the electricity of governance besides relying on their representatives. At existing the human beings in Switzerland revel in some qualities of direct democracy thru the device of referendum and


2. Indirect Democracy:

Most of the modern-day states are very big in measurement and populace Naturally, direct democracy is no longer viable in their governance. The peoples in these states like USA, Great Britan, France, Germany, India etc. can solely take indirect phase in the artwork of governance. The adult populace can periodically opt for its authorities and the latter stays in charge to it.

3. Liberal Democracy:

Such a gadget of democracy is based totally on the classical philosophy of liberalism which depends upoit individualism, secularism, liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. Democracy, in accordance to the liberals is a skill to recognize all these liberal values for the integration of all residents into the community

and of developing a simply state.

4. Marxist Democracy:

The Marxists do no longer venture the fundamental values of democracy. To them, a democratic country is a socialist state the place there is no exploitation of one category by means of another. Their beliefs are primarily based on justice-social, monetary and political and on abolition of classes. They are satisfied that democratic- beliefs and values can’t be realized so lengthy as there is financial exploitation in society

(D) Education in Democracy

It has been universally identified that the energy of democracy relies upon upon the personality and brain of all its residents As Dewey places it “the devotion of democracy to training is a acquainted fact. A authorities resting upon famous suffrage can now not be profitable until those, who govern and obey their governors are educated. Democracy presents significant freedom to the individuals. It is solely –

education that helps to interpret freedom in phrases of responsibility. Freedom skill responsibility. Thus democracy and freedom are the two facets of the equal coin.

(E) Objectives of Democratic Education:

This directs oneself as a human being of dignity of worth. To the precept of human equality and brotherhood. To agree with that political social and monetary issues are high-quality solved via non violent and peaceable strategies like arguments, discussions, negotiations and persuasions instead of violent, anti Social, corrupt and treacherous methods. To the thought of admire for and grasp of talent, training, personality and excellence in all fields of social Endeavour. To the responsibility and proper to work. To duly constituted authority may additionally it be in social, political, expert or any different stroll of life.

(F) Methods of Teaching in Democracy:

Democracy encourages team techniques of Teaching like undertaking method, team discussion, hassle fixing etc. Learning by way of doing is very a good deal emphasized.The faculty is regarded as the laboratory to exercise democracy. So there is no scope for mechanization and indoctrination. Student initiative is constantly encouraged. Methods of instructing need to improve rational questioning and reflection on children. Discussion on controversial troubles is very a whole lot encouraged.

(G) Role of Teacher in Democracy:

The position of instructor in a democratic set up of schooling is crucial. Teachers are to be embodiments of all the values cherished with the aid of democracy. Children capture democracy from instructor without problems as an alternative than learning it thru analyzing about it. Teachers must be democratic and human in their out look, extra so in their behavior. Teachers should have to motivate scholar initiative. They are to create an atmosphere the place adolescents are self disciplined.



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