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What is the full form of DNA & etc

DNA- Deoxyribonucleic acid

1.  What is the full form of OK?
Ans:-Olla Kalla

This word comes from a Greek word that means All correct.

It is also called Okay, This word means, approval, agreement,  acknowledgment, or agree with another comment. This is the full form of Ok.

2. What is the full form of DDT?

Ans:- Dichloro diphenyl  trichloroethane

DDT is a pesticide used to kill insects. It was 1st used to control malaria

3. What is CCTV?

Ans:- closed circuit television

CCTV was designed by Walter Bruch. It is used for video surveillance

4. What is the full form of GDP?

Ans:-Gross Domestic Product

GDP is the market value of all Goods that are produced within a country in a particular period of time. The United States (US) has the highest GDP in the world.

5. What is the full abbreviation of G S T?

Ans:- Goods Service Tax

GST is added for the purchase and sale of goods. France is the 1st country that introduces this system. On 1 July 2017, it was lunch in India by Modi  Government but actually, it was 1st proposed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

6. What is the full form of covid-19?

Ans :-Coronavirus disease 2019

Covid -19  is caused due to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus -2 (SARS-CoV-2) that originated in Wuhan, China.

7. What is the full form of UGC?

Ans:-University Grant Commission.

UGC was launched on 28th December 1953. All the authorities and personal colleges of India obey the rule of UGC.

8. What is the full form of WWE?

Ans:-World Wrestling Entertainment.

The owner of WWE is Vince Mcmahon.

9. What is the full form of WWW?

Ans:-World Wide Web

10. What is a CEO?

Ans:-Chief Executive Officer

Lan-Local area Network

1. What is LAN?

Ans:-Local Area Network

LAN is a type of network that inter-connect computers or mobiles within a limited area. This network can be used in an office, building, school, or in a university. The setup and maintenance fee of LAN is lesser than WAN.

2. What is  WAN?

Ans:-Wide Area Network

WAN is a type of network that interconnect computers or mobiles in a wide geographical area. This network can be used to connect different cities and states. The setup and maintenance fee of WAN is greater than LAN.

WIFI ok full form

3. What is  WI-FI?

Ans :-Wireless fidelity

WI-FI is a technology that uses radio waves and allows users to access the internet.


4. What is the  SIM?

Ans:-Subscriber Identity  Module

SIM card was 1st developed by Devrient and Giesecke in 1991. This helps to make calls and send SMS . You can use it on any phone whether it may be an Apple, Blackberry, or android

5. What is  SMS?

Ans:- Short Message Service

You can send test messages up to 160 words in SMS.

6. What is MMS?

Ans:- Multimedia Messaging Service

MMS is a type of mobile service that helps users to send multimedia messages such as songs, videos, images,etc.


7. What is the full form of RAM?

Ans:- Random Access Memory

RAM is a type of computer memory that is used to cache data and machine code.


8. What is the full form of ROM?

Ans:-Read-only Memory ROM is a type of nonvolatile storage memory that store data in computers or in mobiles.


9. What is the full form of GPS?

Ans:- Global Positioning System.

GPS is a satellite-based system, basically used to determine the position of a object.This technology was 1st used by US military force.

10. What is the full form of GPRS?

Ans:- General Packet Radio Service.

GPRS is an integrated part of GSM that is used only in 2G or 3g networks.

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