School management committee
Functioning of School Management Committee

Education is the birth right of every child. It is the most important asset we have because our knowledge is the type of wealth that we will never lose no matter what and the more we share it the more it increases. However basic knowledge start with elementary education without which achieving of your dreams will be seems impossible. Elementary education is like the step we make in life, we will never be able to run if we don`t learn how to walk.

In a country like India education cannot serve merely as consumption good, investments in it need additional justification Education should, at the very least equip every individual with skills that enable him her to participate meaningfully in social, political and economic processes and to avail of opportunities to learn advance skills throughout life. In the Indian context, what level of education can provide this bare minimum effectively? But what age cans one expects a child to have developed the capacity for formal and articulate thought and expression. There is reason to belief that education till the age of 14 year is the basic minimum for the child to have efficiency absorbed the abilities.

Management is a universal phenomenon. It is a very popular and widely used term. All organization-business, political cultural or social are involved in management which helps and directs the various effects toward a definite purpose. It is a purposive activity. It is something that direct group effect towards the attainment of certain pre-determined goals. It is the process of working with and thought other to effectively achieve the goals of the organization.


What are the Functioning of School Management Committee?

Everywhere that is in school, office, company, hospital and in business also proposes management is must be needs for proper functioning of the organization. Similarly in school SMC plays a vital role. The abbreviation of smc is school management committee. School management comity has a very crucial role in actualizing the gole of rte. It has tremendous potential to transform the existing system of education. School management committee build a critical bridge between the community and the school, playing the additional role of providing oversight in school to ensure all basic requirements of the school. The school management committee is the critical link in the chain of institutions responsible for ensures free and compulsory education of an equitable.

 Key Concerns Raised About The RTE Act:-
  1. Lack of commitment towards common school system for all children. It legalizes hierarchy of schooling previsions thereby dose it nit support perpetuating social inequality?
  2. How are the students going to get promoted if there will be no examination till grade VIII?
  3. Since no child can be detained as per RTE directives, would it not lead to a compromise with the quality of education?
  4. What are the pitfalls of an absence of accountability for the schools? How is this to be dealt with?
Review of Related Literature:-
  • Rout (2014), “Functioning of SMC in rural elementary school”, formulated objective of the study was to study the role of school management committed in different areas of elementary education.
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 Rational of the Study:-

There are many research already conducted on SMC. The research has show that SMC prepared school development plan and help expansion of the facilities, beautiful the school environment, monitor the utilization of government grants, develop playground, children park and plantation on the ground. The committee with ensure enrolment of all non-enrolled children through enrolment drive and their retention school till they complete the elementary stage of education. It would ensure regularity of attendance of children in the school and prevent temporary discontinuous and dropping out for children. Attendance of teachers and absenteeism will be reported by the SMC to the standard committees. Rte also mandates of children disadvantages groups in SMC. There are many functions of a SMS.

What are the Functioning of School Management Committee?
Objective of the Study:-

The Following Objective is formulated for the present study:-

  • To study the role of SMC members in the elementary school.
  • To study the problem perceived by SMC member.
  • To suggest some remedial measures.
Delimitation of the Study:-
  • Scope of the study is only Balasore district.
  • The data will be collected from only 95 SMC members.
  • Purposive sampling techniques will be used.
  • Only interview schedule will be used for data collection.
Statement of the Problem:-

The Study under investigation is entitled as “Functioning of School management committee in elementary school in Balasore District.”

 Operational Definition:-
  1. School Management Committee:

According to Odisha right of children to free and compulsory education rule-2010, a SMC Shall be constitute in every elementary school which consists of 12 to 16 members out of which 75% shall from parents/guardians of children.1/3rd member shall be local authority,1/3rd members shall be teachers from the school, 1/3rd member shall be local educationists/children in the schools.

According to new rules the no of the SMC member has been increased to 19, with 50% reservation for women, official sources said .19 out of which 12 member would be parents. Among the parents member one mail and one female should belong to st or sc or disadvantage group. While one male and female parent from economically weaker section.

  1. Elementary School:

Elementary School means class i to vii is 6 year to 14 year of age of a child.

Academic Achievement:-

Academic achievement is the outcome of education the extent to which a student, a teacher & an institution have achieve their educational goals.

 Methodology of the study:-

Methodology refers to the methods and procedure to be used for the study. It includes the methods to be used for drawing out sample, too to be used for the study. Procedure of analyzing the data. In this chapter the investigate succeed about the various research tools and technique that she used in her research.


Population to which a researcher wants to generalize the result of a study and should be defined according to the purpose of the study. This study was conducted in Balasore district of five elementary school of bhograi block. The school are B.M Academy kakra, Hatsarisha primary school, mandarin school.

Tools To Be Used:-

Tool is the certain instrument used in research study for collecting certain type of evidence or information regarding the problems. In the present study the tool was developed on the basic of dimension. In the present study the researcher used the following tools –

  • Interview Schedule for Teacher (Appendix-I)
  • Interview Schedule for Community members (Appendix-II)
Data Collection:-

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targatea variable in an established systematic fashion ehich then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.

It is a component of research in all fields of study including physical and social science, humanities and business. The gole for all data collection is to capture quality evidence that allows analyses to lead to the formulation of convincing and credible answer to the question that have been 2 posed.

Data analysis & interpretation:-

The data analysis and interpretation process the data collected from different sources such as teachers SMC members, community members and parents through interview schedule has been analyzed. Since the major objective of the study is to capture the perception of the stakeholders of elementary school about the functioning of SMC.


The present research study has its implication for parents, community member and resource teachers, head teacher of the school, researchers and different academic bodies associate with school education. The of its implication can be depicted as follows.

  • It emphasizes the need for better utilization of resources and facilities provided in the school for all around development of children.
  • It emphasizes on participation of school teachers in activities related to curriculum formation and development.
  • It emphasizes on need for implementation of provisions of RTE Act-2009 for completion of elementary education of children.
  • It emphasizes on need for making policies so that no child drop the school in the middle of elementary cycle.
  • It emphasizes on need for providing specially designed teaching learning material for special training in the school.
  • Of Odisha Mass Education Department.

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