Historical Background of indian polity

Indian Polity,Historical Background of polity

Here describe about Historical Background of Indian Polity. Let’s discussion about easy language with short tricks, Remember as a story.

Now we are free from British.when British Come to India they known as East India Company .East India Company comes to India as traders in 1600 Year. Executive right of trading in India Under a charter Granted by Queen Elizabeth. Here charter mean executive license.

Diwani Right 1765

It is a text revenue and civil Justice. Actually East India Company member growth but east India Company going to loss.But Company member was very rich. So that Diwani Right develop the legislative power, they collect from Bihar, Orissa and Bengal.After East India Company request to help from British Govt.          

Company rule (1773-1858)

To control and regulating the affairs of the East India Company In India. Every 20 year arrange the regulating Act.First of all he introduce Regulating Act 1773.

This Act known as Charter Act and  East India Company act

Regulating act 1773

-First step to Regulating East India company –Court of Director

-Centralise the legislative power,(Mean Bombay  ,Bengal and Madras give the legislative power to Governor

-Governor of Bengal replace to Governor General of Bengal.

-First Governor General of Bengal was Lord Warren Hasting

-Assist to Governor General of Bengal to create Executive council where have 4 members, who also legislative power.

Supreme Court in Kolkata (1774)

  1. Supreme Court established in Kolkata 1774, there has one chief Justice and other three judges,
  2. The Chief Justice named was Sir Elijah Impey (1774-1783)Amending Act 1781
  3. Act-50 -separate from judiciary to executive.

Pitt’s India Act of 1784

(P.M Of England Pitt’s the Younger )

-Here British Create The British power

-Create Double government

1-Board of director

2-Court of Director

Here Board of Director Control the Political military administration and Court of Director control the Commercial affairs.

Regulating Act 1833

In this act was the final step towards Centralisation in British India.

-It made the Governor General of Bengal as the Governor General of India and controls the all civil and military power.

-William Bentick was the first Governor General of India.

Law are replaced to Act….

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