About Steve Harvey:

Steve Harvey has always wanted to appear on television. Despite all the odds against him as a stuttering African American youngster in the 1960s, he clung to his dream. One of Harvey’s life’s guiding principles was “You have to dream big and believe that you will succeed.” This was the result of his relentless pursuit.

In Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957, Broderick Stephen Harvey was given the name Steve Harvey. He is the son of Sunday school teacher Eloise Vera Harvey and coal miner Jesse Harvey. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and still considers himself a native. Even though Steve’s family didn’t have much, their faith filled their lives to the brim. Harvey made a vow to God before he became famous that if he succeeded, he would give Him praise and tell others. Harvey keeps his word by expressing his thankfulness to the audience and to God at the conclusion of each performance.

How do Marjorie and Steve Harvey balance their personal and professional lives?

Harvey’s leap of faith into comedy was risky. In 1985, he was urged to participate in a comic open-mic night. Harvey destroyed the house, and the following day he resigned from his position to pursue his passion. According to Harvey, “You have to jump and take a leap of faith in order to soar.”

The path to success was not straightforward. Harvey was left without a home and forced to live in his car while touring the nation for gigs. He won a national comedy competition in 1990, and Showtime at the Apollo gave him his big break. Harvey’s career immediately took off after that point.

Along with D.L. Hughley, the late Bernie Mac, and Cedric the Entertainer, he performed on tour as one of the Kings of Comedy in 1997. The Original Kings of Comedy, one of the most popular comedy specials in history, was filmed as a result of the tour’s rapid popularity.

The well-liked DVD Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet was released by Harvey in 2006. He produced another comedy special, titled Steve Harvey: Still Trippin’, on DVD in 2008 in response to the fervent demand.

Harvey’s 27-year career as a stand-up comedian came to an end on August 2, 2012, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The two-hour show was live-streamed on pay-per-view.


8 Facts About Steve Harvey’s Suit Obsession And His 1000+ Suit Collection:-

Steve Harvey is typically pictured wearing a suit. Even when he performed stand-up comedy in the 1980s and 1990s when everyone was sporting jeans and T-shirts, the TV personality always dressed to impress. Harvey must have had more than a thousand suits at some point given that he has, almost without exception, worn a suit whenever he has appeared in public. Fans don’t doubt it despite the fact that this estimate seems high given his well-dressed reputation and $200 million net worth.

Harvey’s appearance has changed significantly in recent years, sparking controversy and a few internet memes, but his preference for suits has persisted. Instead of the bulky brown, black, and grey clothes that he wore in the past, he now wears colourful European cut suits. He once wore. Read on to learn everything we know about Steve Harvey’s passion for and collection of suits.


7-He began donning a suit in front of the audience:-

Since his early days as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s and 1990s, Harvey has always dressed in suits. In response to a question from his Kings of Comedy co-star D.L. Hughley, Harvey explained that he was attempting to offer the audience “something to look at.” In his online programme Rolling with Steve Harvey, Harvey stated that “The Kings of Comedy wasn’t no pretty group.” Although we were hilarious, we were not a particularly attractive group. Harvey added that he abides by his mother’s words of wisdom, according to which ladies like a man who is well-groomed.


6-On his show, he wore 500 different suits.:-

Harvey rarely wears the same outfit twice, unlike some game show and talk show hosts who may have a few suits that they alternate between. The host of the now-defunct talk show Steve Harvey alternated between at least 500 different costumes. On the show’s YouTube site, a montage featuring Harvey sporting a brand-new outfit in practically every episode from 2015 was published. This film demonstrated how serious Harvey’s collection of suits is and how his preoccupation with them is not a joke.

5-He was given a makeover by his wife and designer:-

Harvey’s wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey and stylist Elly Karamoh decided to change his appearance because they were sick of his previous appearance, which included a lot of huge, fairly monotonous suits. Their strategy was successful thanks in part to the man’s assistance. Harvey’s new, more fashionable style has astounded the entire world. Harvey has changed from donning conventional business attire to donning every colour, pattern, and material imaginable, even though he is still a suited man.

4-His Wife Threw Out His Old Suits And The Designer:-

Marjorie Harvey and Karamoh put Harvey’s old suits out to start their makeover while he was away. To make place for the more contemporary pieces they were bringing, the couple rid the popular host of all of his game show clothes. Harvey admitted to GQ Magazine that upon his return, he observed that his wardrobe was a little empty. He even made light of the fact that if his wife hadn’t been involved, he would have given Karamoh the boot.

3-He has a clothing line of his own:-

By establishing his own clothing brand, H by Steve Harvey, “the best-dressed man on television” has shared his drip with the general population. The line, according to the company’s website, mixes Harvey’s current professional appearance with his recent stylistic development. The designs are modern, daring updates on traditional menswear. The Steve Harvey Collection has been discontinued, and H by Steve Harvey will be the celebrity’s second clothing line.

2-He adores wearing colour:-

Harvey has always loved colour, despite the fact that he tended to wear more muted suits when he first started hosting game shows and talk shows. When he dressed somewhat conservatively for his shows, he admitted to GQ Magazine that he always felt like something was missing. The striking colour he used to wear while performing stand-up was that something. Harvey was restyled by Karamoh, and his main desire was to restore the colour. Karamoh did not let me down.27-He dressed more subduedly for Family Feud:-

Harvey clarified that his well-known conservative outfits from Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud were not actually his style or preferences. Because of the way the show was filmed, he had to wear the same kind of suit in every episode. But the host of his Facebook Watch show, Steve, was instructed to dress as he normally would. As a result, Karamoh was free to dress Harvey beautifully and send him out.

1-He only dresses in denim for him:-

Harvey has made it abundantly clear that you won’t see him wearing jeans. I just don’t wear jeans, Harvey said to GQ Magazine. Karamoh was able to persuade the celebrity, nonetheless, to wear some denim by making it into a suit. Harvey thought the idea of the denim suit was so great that he even proposed including a shirt. On his Facebook Watch show, Steve, Harvey rocked the Canadian tuxedo, complete with a plaid shirt.

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