Supreme Court

Three categories of advocates are entitled to practice law for Supreme Court. There are

Senior advocates- these are advocates who are designated as senior advocates by the Supreme Court of India for by any High Court.

The court can designate any advocate, with his consent it’s in your advocate if in its opinion by virtue of his ability, standing at the bar for special knowledge or experience in law that said advocate is deserving of such distinction.

A senior advocate is not entitled to a pure without an Advocate on record and in the supreme court or without a senior in any other Court or tribunal in India. He is also not entitled to accept an instruction to draw a pleading or affidavit, advice or evidence, or do any drafting work of an analogous science in any Court or Tribunal in India or undertake.

Comparing Indian and American Supreme Court

Indian supreme court

Below I described Indian Supreme Court

1. Original jurisdiction is confined to Federal cases.

2. Its appellate jurisdiction covers constitutional, Civil, and criminal cases.

3. It has a very wide discretion to grant the special level to appeal in any matter against the judgment of any Court or Tribunal.

4. It has advisory jurisdiction

5. Its scope of Judicial review is limited

6. It defends the right of citizens according to the procedure established by law.

7. Its jurisdiction and power can be enlarged by parliament

8. It has the power of judicial Supreme tendency and control over the state High Court due to the integrated judicial system.

American Supreme Court

Below we’ll discuss American Supreme Court

1. It’s originally Jodi songs covers not only Federal cases but also cases relating to Nobel for Maritime activities ambassador etc.

2. Its appellate jurisdiction is confined to constitutional cases only.

3. It has no such plenary power.

4. It has no advisory jurisdiction.

5. Scope of Judicial review is very wide.

6. It Defence rights of the citizens according to the “due process of law”

7. Its jurisdiction and powers are limited to that conferred by the constitution.

8. It has no such power due to the double judicial system.

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