longitudinal and cross-sectional

Longitudinal And Cross-Sectional ApproachesĀ 

  • Generally, psychologists follow two approaches in the study of child development and know as “Longitudinal & another is cross-section “.
  • The purpose of the longitudinal approach is to find out the development tendency by making an intensive study of the various traits of a child at an individual level.
  • The benefit of conducting longitudinal study researchers can make notes of the changes make an observation, change in a characteristic of three participants.
  • The researcher should drive the design, however some time as the research progress. It helps determine which design is more appropriate.
  • By this study, a comparative picture will be available to us and we may understand whether the child is growing satisfactorily or not.


  • In this approach childrens of various stages of growth are selected and they are observed in the group at the same time.
  • Cross-sectional study is conducted at the give point at time.
  • If we want understand the nature of the development of a vocabulary of children of various age of group 3,5,7,10,13,16, year selected.
Longitudinal Cross-Sectional
In this study may vary from a few year to given dicates. In this study quick to conduct as compair to logitudinal study.
Longitudional study reguir researchers to revisite paticepant of the study at proper interval. A cross sectionl study is conducted at a give point in time.
Logitudinal study is conducted with the same sample over the years. In this study is conducted with different sample.
It can justify couse and effect relationship. It can pin down cause and effect relationship.
Only are variable is consider to conduct the study. Multiple variable can be studies at a single point time.
Its goes is expensive. Ex- British social atitude survey labour for force survey. It is chep .Ex- British birth study under standing socaity.

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