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Lori Harvey was born in the month of January in corpus Christi, Texas, United States in the year 1997. she started her career when she was only about three years old as a fashion model. her nickname is Lor, and she is about 5’2.9”.model Lori Harvey is best known as steve Harvey’s stepdaughter .she has been aligned with top model agencies like the LA model and selected model management in Europe.

As a three-year-old, Harvey got involved in modelling but that ended later on in his life, after her injury in horse riding, she decided to take on a career in modelling again. this journey was filled with challenges despite her beauty playing a huge advantage in her success.

Harvey first gained attention through her modelling career, where she has worked with several high fashion brands and graced the pages of magazines like Elle and hopper’s bazaar. she has also built a large following on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram, where she often posts pictures of her travels, modelling shoots and daily life.

 In addition to her modelling and social media careers, Lori Harvey has made headlines for romantic relationships. she has dated several high-profile celebrities, including future Daddy, and Memphis Depay, among otters. her most recent relationship with an American rapper and record producer, Sean “Diddy” combs

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Lori Harvey is also known for her philanthropic efforts and has used her platform and has used her platform to raise awareness for various causes. she has been a supporter of organizations like st CHildren’s research hospital and has made donations to other charities in her community.

Lori Harve’s personal life has been the subject of much media security, ute she remains a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Her career continues to thrive and she remains one of the most influential figures on social media. The place as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Lori Harvey’s Career Timeline

In 2015– Her horse women Dreams ends.

In 2017–Shew follow the modelling

In2021– SHe got the partner of Michel B.Jordan’s partner

Lori harvests interesting facts

  1. Lori Harvey is the stepdaughter of Steeve Harvey and the biological daughter of Donel Woods
  2. Lori Harvey is a social media influencer.
  3. Lori Harvey always Dated high profile celebrities.
  4. Lori Harvey is a philanthropic supporter
  5. Lori Harvey faced so many hurdles such as case issues.
  6. Lori Harvey is a multi-talented lady.

Lori Harveys’legal Issues

Lori Harvey has faced several issues over the years. In the month of October and the year of 2020, she was arrested in Beverly Hills because he hit and run after she hit 3 parked cars and fled the scene. and she was arrested later and released on bail and pleaded not guilty to the charges. the case is still ongoing.

In November 2021, Harvey was involved in a plane crash in Fulton country, Georgia, where she was a passenger. The accident led to an investigation by the national transportation safety board(NTSB). although no charges were filed against Harvey the NTSB released a report stating that the pilot was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

Lori Harvey’s Biological father

The identity of Lori Harvey’s biological father agitates over the years as more fans try to unveil who he was or why the model never addressed the subject for as long as the world remembers, steve Harvey has been identified as lori Harvey’s dad .as Majorie was finalizing her divorce from then-husband when she welcomed the child.

After divorcing him Jim Townsend Majorie moved on with another man, Dannel Woods conceiving Lori around that time. Hence many widely consider Donnel as lori Harvey’s biological father.

About Donnel woods

steve Harvey

Donnel Woods is an American man of mixed background, widely considered the biological father of Lori Harvey. Donnel Wood was born and get up in the United States of America and started dating Marjorie Harvey after she pervade for divorce from Her. 

Lori’s mother Majorie Harvey was married to Jim Townsend before marrying steve. Jim’s name sounds similar and agreeable similar because he was given his life in jail or prison after attempting to buy four kilos of drugs to sell, only to be caught by former president Barak Obama in 2017. Jim also was reported to be writing a tell-all book about his running with the law during his and Majorie Harveys Marriage.

Jim was given the life sentence in 1992 and Lori Harvey was born in the year of 1997, Meaning it’s not very likely that he could be her biological father .majorie Harvey evidently split from Jim less than 5 years into his sentence, around the time that Lori Harvey was born. whoever her father is Lori Harvey clearly doesn’t have a relationship with him but seems to be close to her stepfather.


Who is the father of Lori Harvey?

After divorcing him Jim Townsend Majorie moved on with another man, Dannel Woods conceiving Lori around that time. Hence many widely consider Donnel as Lori Harvey’s biological father.More visit website

Who is Donnel woods?

He is the biological father of Lori Harvey, after his divorce from her Mother Marjorie Harvey, Marjorie marriage with Steve Harvey.More visit wensite

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