Lori Harvey Siblings

Lori Harvey Siblings

Lori Harvey Siblings: Meet The Siblings Of Lori Harvey – In this piece, you will get to know all about Lori Harvey’s siblings. Lori Harvey is a model, entrepreneur, and socialite who’s walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana posed for manufacturers like Michael Kors, and seemed in countless journal campaigns for Valentino and Burberry.

She observed her profitable modeling profession with her personal skincare line and a high-profile relationship with Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan of Creed fame.

The remaining identity would possibly ring a bell to you. That’s due to the fact she’s additionally the daughter of Family Feud host and comic Steve Harvey. Given how prolific his role is in the commercial enterprise of entertainment, Lori and her six siblings have regarded the highlight due to the fact that early age.

Join us whilst we study extra about Lori and her household as we rank the Harvey siblings from oldest to youngest!

Wynton Harvey

Date of Birth of Wynton Harvey (July 18, 1997 – Present)

 Age (as of 30 January 2023): 

25 years 6 months 12 days
or 306 months 12 days
or 1332 weeks 3 days
or 9,327 days
or 223,848 hours
or 13,430,880 minutes
or 805,852,800 seconds
 Born: Atlanta, Georgia
 Occupation: Photographer
 Known For: Son of Steve Harvey

Wynton Harvey is the youngest of Lori Harvey Siblings!

Wynton Harvey is simply 24 years old and making his father proud as a pupil and aspiring photographer at the Savannah College of Art and Design in his homeland of Atlanta, Georgia.

It appears like he and his sister Lori are close, acting in a video titled Wynton & Lori pack for college, posted on Steve’s Youtube channel in 2015 with over two million views.

Wynton Harvey Instagram

Lori Harvey

Date Of Birth Of Lori Harvey (January 13, 1997 – Present)

 Age (as of 30 January 2023)
26 years 0 months 17 days
or 312 months 17 days
or 1359 weeks 0 days
or 9,513 days
or 228,312 hours
or 13,698,720 minutes
or 821,923,200 seconds
 Born: Memphis, Tennessee
 Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur
 Known For: Founder of SKN

She was once put into the crosshairs of digital camera lenses once more following their breakup in 2022.

Lori is signed to LA Model Management and Select Model Management. It shouldn’t come as a shock given that it appears like a genetic predisposition for the Harvey’s to additionally be business-minded, however, Lori is no different, flexing her entrepreneurial muscular tissues with her skincare employer SKN by using LH.

She’s additionally collaborated on a garb series with Naked Wardrobe — a garb line.

Do You Know?

Lori used to be an aspiring Olympian, coaching as an aggressive equestrian. She attended college in Florida to proceed with her pursuit of the Olympic dream till damage sidelined her completely when she was once 18 years old.
Lori Harvey is the 25-year-old daughter of Marjorie Harvey and the adoptive daughter of comic Steve Harvey. Lori got here underneath the highlight as lately as 2020, no longer for her profession as an executed mannequin but as Michael B. Jordan’s partner.

Lori Harvey Siblings
Lori Harvey Instagram

 Broderick Harvey Jr.

Date of Birth Of Broderick Harvey (April 29, 1991 – Present)

 Age (as of 30, January 2022)

31 years 9 months 1 days
or 381 months 1 days
or 1657 weeks 0 days
or 11599 calendar days
 Born: Los Angeles, California
 Occupation: Fashion, Photography
 Known For: Need Money Not Friends (Fashion Label)

Broderick Harvey Jr. is the 31-year-old organic son of Steve Harvey. Like his brother Jason, Broderick additionally has that eye for trend coupled with the enterprise acumen to launch a label of his own. In addition to his Need Money Not Friends trend line, he makes use of his images studio, B. Harvey Photography Inc., as every other inventive outlet.

Broderick took after his family’s love for charity and is actively worried in charity work with his mom and father’s foundation.

Lori Harvey's Siblings
Broderick Harvey Jr. Instagram

Jason Harvey (1991 – Present)

 Age (as of 30 January 2022): 32
 Born: United States
 Occupation: Fashion Designer
 Known For: Worldly (Fashion Label)

“Pop has continually been a trend icon, so to speak,” Jason stated in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution whilst introducing his innovative residence titled Worldly.

He described the suggestion for the identity got here from his want to flip the means of the word, which was once used to describe anyone as too “out there” or too eccentric. In fashion, it will pay to have wild thoughts that encourage trade and pressure the medium to evolve, and that’s been Jason’s aim on account that founding the company.

Harvey Siblings
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Morgan Harvey

Date of birth of Morgan Harvey (June 1, 1987 – Present)

 Age (as of 30 January 2022)

35 years 7 months 29 days
or 427 months 29 days
or 1861 weeks 0 days
or 13027 calendar days
 Born: Memphis, Tennessee
 Occupation: Blogger, Chef, Author
 Known For: Appearances on The Steve Harvey Show

Morgan Harvey has observed in the footsteps of her two large sisters as an achieved cook, author, and businesswoman. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she dove head first into the world of delicacies as the founder of I Need Some Mo, sharing her hints of the alternate and the know-how she’s gathered over the years as a expert foodie.

On pinnacle of working for bakeries and tournament firms, she’s taken her abilities to daylight tv as a visitor on her adoptive father Steve Harvey’s show, showcasing some delectable recipes.

Lori Siblings
Morgan Instagram

Karli Harvey (August 20, 1982 – Present)

 Age (as of June 20, 2022)

40 years 5 months 10 days
or 485 months 10 days
or 2110 weeks 3 days
or 14773 calendar days
 Born: United States
 Occupation: Hairstylist
 Known For: Hairstylist, Entrepreneur

Karli Harvey is the twin sister of Brandi Harvey, although we’re unsure who beats out the other in terms of oldest. Considering the difference must have been no more than a few seconds to minutes, we’ll call it a draw. Like her sister, she’s a versatile professional. She is an entrepreneur, magazine editor, host, and hairstylist based in Atlanta, Georgia.Her time is occupied as a mother of two and as a mentor to young women with a passion for fashion while on a budget.  

Karli is a regular visitor on her dad’s Steve TV Show on YouTube. In an add from 2015, you can see her and her husband Benjamin Raymond making a look to share the sacred Harvey household Mac & Cheese recipe with the almost two million humans who have seen the video.

Lori Harvey Sister
Karli Harvey Instagram

Brandi Harvey

Date of Birth Brandi Harvey 1982 – Present

 Age (as of 30 January 2022): 

40 years 11 months 10 days
or 491 months 10 days
or 2136 weeks 2 days
or 14954 calendar days
 Born: United States
 Occupation: Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
 Known For: Founder of Beyond Her

Brandi wears many hats in the Harvey family as a profitable businesswoman, motivational speaker, author, way of life coach, and outspoken supporter of the vegan lifestyle. She’s a giant proponent of healthful ingesting habits main to a wholesome lifestyle, which touches all components of your bodily and non secular life.

She doesn’t simply discuss the discussion besides taking walks on the walk. Brandi has competed as a newbie bodybuilder with a 2d vicinity trophy to exhibit for it. With her information of fitness, healthful eating, and wellness, she headquartered Beyond Her. Its mission is “to convey energetic well being to girls of color in collaborative and transformative methods to raise the mind, body, and spirit.”

Lori Harvey Brother
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