Marjorie Harvey Gifts Steve Harvey A Virgil Edition Maybach

Marjorie Harvey Gifts Steve Harvey

On his birthday, Marjorie Harvey gifted her husband Steve Harvey with a one-of-a-kind Virgil Edition Maybach, a luxury car designed by renowned fashion designer Virgil Abloh. This special edition vehicle is a combination of Abloh’s innovative design aesthetic and Maybach’s unparalleled luxury craftsmanship.

The Virgil Edition Maybach is a sleek, black car that features subtle design elements that are unique to Abloh’s vision. One of the most noticeable features is the car’s matte black finish, which is a departure from the typical glossy paint job that one might expect from a luxury vehicle. The matte finish gives the car a more understated and modern look.

Another standout feature of the Virgil Edition Maybach is the custom chrome trim that is present throughout the exterior of the car. The trim is a nod to Abloh’s background in architecture and his affinity for using metal in his designs. The chrome accents are subtle but add a touch of sophistication to the car’s design.

On the interior, the Virgil Edition Maybach features luxurious black leather upholstery with contrasting white stitching. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort, with ample legroom and supportive cushioning. The dashboard and door panels are finished in a glossy black lacquer, which adds a modern touch to the car’s classic design.

One of the most unique features of the Virgil Edition Maybach is the inclusion of a custom leather bag that is designed to fit perfectly in the car’s trunk. The bag is designed by Abloh and is meant to serve as a stylish and functional accessory for the car’s owner. It is made from high-quality leather and features a minimalist design that is in line with Abloh’s aesthetic.

Overall, the Virgil Edition Maybach is a true masterpiece of design and engineering. It combines the best of both worlds, with Maybach’s commitment to luxury craftsmanship and Abloh’s innovative design sensibilities. It is a testament to Marjorie Harvey’s love for her husband and her desire to give him a gift that is truly special and one-of-a-kind. With this car, Steve Harvey can cruise around town in style and comfort, knowing that he is driving a piece of automotive history.

Steve Harvey Birthday Gift By Marjorie Harvey Over The Year

Over the years, Marjorie Harvey has gifted her husband Steve Harvey with a variety of memorable and extravagant gifts to celebrate his birthday. Here are some of the most notable gifts that she has given him:

  1. A Private Island – For Steve’s 56th birthday, Marjorie surprised him with a private island in the Caribbean. The island, which is located in the Turks and Caicos, includes a luxurious villa and stunning views of the ocean.
  2. A Bentley Continental GT – In 2013, Marjorie gifted Steve with a Bentley Continental GT, a luxury car known for its high-performance capabilities and elegant design. The car’s sleek black exterior and luxurious interior made it a perfect match for Steve’s refined taste.
  3. A Rolex Watch Collection – Steve is known for his love of watches, so for his 61st birthday, Marjorie gifted him with a collection of Rolex watches. The collection included several rare and unique watches, each with its own special meaning and significance.
  4. A Custom-Made Suit – For Steve’s 57th birthday, Marjorie arranged for him to have a custom-made suit designed by Tom Ford. The suit, which was made from the finest materials and featured a sleek black design, perfectly complemented Steve’s sense of style.
  5. A Private Jet – In 2015, Marjorie surprised Steve with a private jet for his birthday. The jet, which is a Gulfstream G550, is known for its luxurious amenities and high-speed capabilities, making it the perfect gift for a man who loves to travel in style.
  6. A Trip to the Taj Mahal – To celebrate Steve’s 62nd birthday, Marjorie arranged for a romantic trip to the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. The couple enjoyed a private tour of the site and were treated to a luxurious stay at a nearby hotel.
  7. A Virgil Edition Maybach – As mentioned earlier, for Steve’s most recent birthday, Marjorie gifted him with a one-of-a-kind Virgil Edition Maybach. The car’s sleek black design and custom chrome trim make it a true masterpiece of automotive engineering and design.

Overall, Marjorie Harvey has proven to be a generous and thoughtful gift-giver, consistently surprising her husband with extravagant gifts that reflect his unique personality and tastes. Each gift is a testament to the couple’s strong relationship and the deep love and affection that they share.

By Biju Samal

Biju Samal, The Author, And Co-Founder Of Wide Education

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