Marjorie Harvey Involved in Controversies and Scandals.


Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, has been embroiled in a few incidents over the years. She was accused of plagiarising a blog article in 2018, which led to one of her most notable controversies. Marjorie had shared a remark on Instagram that was reminiscent of one Samantha Chin, a blogger, had published in 2017. Marjorie removed the post and apologised after facing anger for allegedly copying Chin’s writing. Marjorie has faced criticism for her luxurious lifestyle, which some people see as a display of her money, in addition to the plagiarism problem. Her opulent vacations, beautiful outfits, and pricey jewellery have all drawn criticism. Marjorie, on the other hand, has justified her way of life by saying that she worked hard for what she has and is not ashamed of it.

Marjorie’s affluent lifestyle, which includes pricey vacations, fine clothing, and opulent mansions, has also drawn criticism. She has been charged with gold-digging and utilising Steve Harvey’s money for personal benefit, according to some.

Despite these issues, Marjorie Harvey continues to be a well-liked socialite and fashion icon who is renowned for her flawless style and luxurious way of life.

About Marjorie Harvey:-

Marjorie Harvey was born on October 10, 1964, in the United States. She is a fashion enthusiast, socialite, and philanthropist. She is best known for being Steve Harvey’s wife, a well-known comedian and a television host. Marjorie and Steve have been married since 2007, and their mixed family consists of seven kids.

How Steve And Marjorie Harvey Have Similar Goals

Marjorie is well known for having great taste in clothing, and several fashion magazines have highlighted her look. Additionally, she started her own fashion site called “The Lady Loves Couture,” where she shares her beauty tips, style suggestions, and fashion advice.

Marjorie is active in philanthropy in addition to fashion. She supports the non-profit Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which aids disadvantaged children by providing education and other necessary resources.

Marjorie is a loving wife and mother who places a high value on her relationships with them. She frequently appears with her family at charity events, fashion displays, and red carpet-occasions. She is very active on social media, where she gives her followers snippets of information about her personal and professional lives.

Allegations Made by Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife

In 2017, Mary L. Vaughn, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, levelled a number of accusations against the well-known TV personality. Harvey, according to Vaughn, cheated on her multiple times while they were married, including once with his present wife, Marjorie Harvey. Additionally, she claimed that Harvey had physically abused her while they were married, which Harvey adamantly denied.

In her case, Vaughn asserted that Harvey’s purported interference in her custody dispute caused her emotional pain, harassment, and the loss of her kid. Although she sought $60 million in damages, the case was ultimately thrown out.

Marjorie Harvey Husband Steve Harvey His Cigar Obsession

Despite being rejected, Vaughn’s accusations received considerable media coverage and stirred up discontent among Harvey’s supporters. While some individuals supported Harvey and questioned Vaughn’s motivations, others expressed disappointment and even anger towards Harvey.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harvey himself addressed the charges. He called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and refuted all of the claims made against him. He also said that he thought the lawsuit was an effort to get money out of him.

Allegations of racism towards Marjorie:-

Throughout her political career, Georgia’s Republican congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been accused of racism.

One of the most noteworthy incidences happened in February 2019 when Greene, who was running for Congress at the time, posted comments on social media that were both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. She asserted that Jews should not hold political office and that Jewish billionaire George Soros worked with the Nazis. Both Democrats and Republicans, including the then-House Speaker Paul Ryan, strongly condemned these remarks.

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Greene has also been known to spread bogus conspiracy theories, such as the notion that the 2020 election was rigged against the incumbent, Donald Trump. Due to this, she has come under fire for allegedly supporting the racist “Big Lie” that aims to deny Black and Brown individuals the right to vote.

Additionally, Greene is alleged to have collaborated with white nationalists and promoted QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory alleging a deep state plot against Trump and his supporters. Numerous violent acts, notably the Capitol uprising on January 6, have been connected to the QAnon movement.

Reaction on social media to the animal cruelty of Marjorie Harvey:

The charges of animal abuse against Marjorie Harvey have received a strong and overwhelmingly negative response on social media. Many people have asked for justice and accountability after expressing horror and revulsion over the alleged cruelty of animals.

While others posted messages of support for animal rights organisations and advocacy groups, other individuals shared images and videos of animals being mistreated. Many have urged others to speak out against animal cruelty in all its forms and advocated for a boycott of Marjorie Harvey’s goods and companies.

marjorie harvey in a dashing ook

Other people have asked for greater awareness and education on the negative effects of animal abuse on mental health and well-being. Resources and information on animal welfare, including how to report abuse and neglect suspicions, have been widely disseminated.

The charges of animal cruelty against Marjorie Harvey have received a strong and widespread response on social media, with many people expressing outrage and a desire for change.

A Plastic Surgery Scandal of Marjorie Harvey:-

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie was embroiled in a plastic surgery scandal in 2021 that garnered national attention. She allegedly underwent many operations in one day, including a facelift, breast lift, and liposuction.

When a nurse who claimed to have helped with the procedures shared pictures and accusations about Marjorie Harvey using unlicensed doctors and taking shortcuts to save money on social media, the scandal broke out. Additionally, the nurse claimed that Marjorie had a history of subpar follow-up care, which resulted in difficulties and even hospitalisation.

The nurse and anyone else who propagated the rumours would be subject to legal action, according to Marjorie Harvey, who refuted the accusations. She stated that she had followed the appropriate post-operative care guidelines and had undergone the surgeries with renowned, licenced doctors.

The scandal brought to light the dangers of plastic surgery as well as the necessity of choosing skilled surgeons and adhering to recommended aftercare. It also spurred a discussion about how Hollywood and the larger culture place a lot of pressure on individuals to look young and how that may affect people’s self-esteem and body image.

The incident eventually fizzled out, but it served as a warning that even famous people might fall victim to the flaws and hazards of cosmetic surgery.


Marjorie Harvey, the spouse of well-known TV personality and comedian Steve Harvey, has not been a part of any major scandals or controversies that have received extensive media coverage.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey were married in 2007, and ever since then, Marjorie has largely avoided the spotlight in favour of spending time with her family and friends. She occasionally appears on her husband’s television programmes and social media profiles, although she has generally kept a low profile.

Marjorie Harvey has been involved in a few minor scandals, most of which had to do with her private life. An ex-employee who claimed she was due her wages and was let go after raising concerns about her working conditions filed a lawsuit against her in 2018. Ultimately, a settlement was reached outside of court.

Marjorie has also come under fire for her lavish lifestyle and fashion choices, with some calling her an excessively materialistic individual. These criticisms, meanwhile, are typically not seen as major scandals.

Overall, Marjorie Harvey has avoided most big scandals and has kept a low profile in the media, despite the fact that she may have encountered a few minor problems and complaints.

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