Who is Marjorie Harvey:-

On October 10, 1964, Marjorie Elaine Ridge-Woods was born. She is Doris Bridges’s daughter. She is the wife of well-known broadcaster Steve Harvey and a designer, stylist, and Instagram sensation. She was conceived with the horoscope of Libra. In terms of her early years, we know that her highest education was a high school diploma. She started her studies at the University of Memphis, but she was forced to stop and never completed them due to poor academic performance.

She was a woman who decided to spend her time daydreaming about everything she might do and how wonderful she could become, which is why her fashion talent caused her to have low marks in school. She decided it was time to fulfill those dreams after she graduated from college. Because of the skill in her clothing, she started her own clothing line, through which she achieved particular notoriety. She became well-known for her charm and charisma as well.


She revealed her romantic adventure with Jim Thompson, with whom she had her first two children, called Morgan and Jason, as she rose to stardom. But when it was out that Jim was involved in illicit activities, she divorced him. She remarried Darnell Woods, with whom she had her third daughter, Lori, but also divorced him in 2001 after learning of his involvement in additional illicit activities.

Marjorie Harvey’s Past Impacted her current Relationship with Steve Harvey

She married the comedian and presenter Steve Harvey in 2007, proving that she had finally found a good and honest man. In 1990, she encountered Harvey during a comedy concert. Steve gave her a long, careful look during the performance before announcing to the audience that he did not know who she was but was certain that he would marry her someday. They were unable to be together for a variety of reasons, but in 2007 they reconnected and started a romance that resulted in a joyful marriage.

Marjorie Harvey’s first husband:-

Marjorie Harvey, now 54, was wed to drug lord Jim Townsend at the start of the 1990s. According to reports, the FBI and DEA started looking into Marjorie because they thought she was involved in her husband’s drug organization.

Townsend was informed at the time that if he didn’t assist, “his wife would be arrested, as the agents believed they had substantial evidence of her own illegal activities.” Townsend was charged with trying to purchase 40 kilograms of cocaine. He received a life in prison sentence. He completed his sentence after serving 26 years and was freed in January 2017.


Two-thirds of the book, he claims, was written while he was incarcerated on drug-related charges. I have no allegiance to Marjorie, she showed her hand,” he blabs to anyone who will listen. I’m going to share my experience. Nothing matters.

Marjorie never faced any criminal charges. Less than five years into his term, she filed for divorce. Townsend promised to reveal all of the explosive details of his and Marjorie’s relationship and marriage. “I’m sharing everything I have. Only Marjorie and I are aware of what occurred, he claimed.

Marjorie Harvey’s lifestyle:-

Marjorie Harvey is a well-known person noted for her opulent lifestyle and flawless taste. She is the wife of well-known television host and comedian Steve Harvey. Marjorie has drawn attention with her outstanding style and glitzy lifestyle choices thanks to her undeniable sense of fashion and elegance.

Marjorie leads an extravagant and sophisticated lifestyle. She routinely makes an appearance at high-profile gatherings, on red carpets, and at upscale events, where her presence is usually a sign of elegance and sophistication. Her sophisticated yet bold sense of style allows her to effortlessly combine high-end designer pieces with unusual vintage finds. Marjorie is a true fashion icon because of the way her costumes are meticulously chosen to highlight her unique personality and intuitive sense of style.

Beyond her sense of style, Marjorie’s way of life reflects a passion for travel and luxury. She enjoys the best lodgings, private jets, and expensive experiences while traveling to stunning locations on exotic trips. Marjorie’s travels showcase her appreciation for the finer things in life, whether it is unwinding on a remote beach or discovering the bustling streets of a global metropolis.


Marjorie’s commitment to physical health and wellness is also reflected in her way of life. She keeps up an active and healthy lifestyle, frequently seen working out at posh gyms or taking part in wellness retreats. She loves clean food and makes deliberate decisions to fuel her body and keep a youthful appearance, demonstrating her dedication to a balanced lifestyle.

While Marjorie’s lifestyle exudes luxury and extravagance, she also takes pride in her philanthropic efforts. She actively supports various charitable organizations and social causes, using her platform and resources to make a positive impact on the world. Marjorie’s philanthropic endeavors reflect her compassionate nature and desire to give back to those in need.

In summary, Marjorie Harvey’s lifestyle is a captivating blend of fashion-forward choices, extravagant travel, commitment to wellness, and philanthropic endeavors. Her impeccable taste and unwavering elegance have established her as a style icon, while her philanthropy showcases her generous spirit. Marjorie continues to inspire many with her glamorous lifestyle and serves as a role model for those aspiring to live life to the fullest.

In 1990, she initially ran into Steve at a comedy club:-

Although Marjorie and Steve didn’t wed until 2007, they had already met when the comedian was appearing at a Memphis, Tennessee, nightclub years earlier.

During a 2018 episode of Steve’s talk show, The Steve Harvey Show, they talked about their first encounter. “I was very late, and I assumed he was going to give me the job because he became very silent. Just staring at me, he was. Marjorie said to the crowd, “I thought I was going to be in the show. “He eventually understood, ‘Oh, I gotta say something.'” ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ he said. I have no idea who she is, but I plan to wed her.


Despite their instant connection, they ultimately broke up after a few weeks of dating. Soon after we started dating, I thought he was The One, but he abruptly left. 2014 interview with Marjorie for Essence.

Steve clarified that at the time, he was focused on his career and not in a good financial situation. He told the magazine, “A man has to know who he is, what he does, and how much he’s going to make before he can be of service to a woman.

He and Marjorie reconnected in 2005, more than ten years later, and the timing was ideal. Steve had recently terminated his second marriage to Mary Shackelford, and he had just finished filming The Steve Harvey Show.

Marjorie Harvey’s Relationship with First Husband:-

Marjorie Harvey, the well-known television personality and comedian Steve Harvey’s wife has a fascinating and complicated love life. Marjorie had been married to Jim Townsend, her first husband before she wed Steve Harvey.

Due to her propensity to maintain a rather private personal life, few people are aware of the specifics of Marjorie’s relationship with her first husband. However, it is well known that Marjorie and Jim Townsend previously wed before deciding to part ways.

Marjorie divorced Townsend, and they later wed in 2007. In 2007 Marjorie married Steve Harvey. Popular entertainment industry personality Steve Harvey has frequently praised his wife and their union. They have been seen hanging out at numerous events together, having happy times, and encouraging one another’s goals.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey have forged a solid and long relationship despite her prior marriage. Their families have been merged, and they get along well with their kids and grandchildren. Marjorie frequently travels with Steve to charity events, red-carpet occasions, and media appearances.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey have experienced challenges throughout their marriage.

Together, they’ve faced a variety of obstacles and prevailed over them, proving their commitment to one another. They have gained popularity as a pair and are respected for their adoration and commitment to one another.


In conclusion, almost little is known about Marjorie Harvey’s marriage to Jim Townsend among the general public. But her present union with Steve Harvey has brought her stability and happiness because of their apparent closeness and love for one another.

Marjorie Harvey’s Relationship with Child:-

The wife of television personality Steve Harvey, Marjorie Harvey, has embraced her role as a mother figure to her biological and adopted children. It is clear that Marjorie has developed meaningful and sustaining relationships with each child, despite the fact that the specifics of her interactions with them have not been thoroughly documented.

With Marjorie bringing children from prior relationships into their marriage and Steve doing the same, Marjorie and Steve Harvey create a blended family. They have jointly tried to establish a happy and cohesive family unit.

Marjorie frequently posts precious moments with her biological and adopted children on social media, showing her love and delight in their achievements. She has actively participated in their lives, offering direction, inspiration, and support.

Her relationships with her stepchildren, including those of Steve Harvey’s ex-wives, reflect how committed she is to having a positive impact on their lives. Marjorie has won praise for her ability to develop close relationships with each child through her nurturing and compassionate character.

Although Marjorie prefers to keep a low profile, her interactions with her biological and adopted children show that she is dedicated to being a supportive and active mother figure. She has demonstrated her commitment to her family’s happiness and well-being through her deeds and outward expressions of devotion.

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