philosophy and aim of education

The process of education is not only continuous but also dynamic like every activity it behaves aimed. So education is a planned activity. Generally, an activity becomes purposeful when it is directed to us attainment of certain goods for realization different goals aim of education are to be made specific. below I discuss Philosophy and Aims of Education

Aims of Education

Aims of Education:-

➢ Every educational system needs to have some goal, aims, or objectives.

➢ These act as guides for the educator in educating the child.

➢ In fact, we cannot assume any process of schooling except particular ambitions and objectives. Bode says, “Unless we have some guiding philosophy in the dedication of objectives, we get nowhere at all.”

➢ These goals of education, in one-of-a-kind countries, are decided with the aid of the philosophy of the time.

➢ It is, therefore, that targets and beliefs of training differ from the extraordinary philosophers. It is the philosophy of the time which determines whether or not the intention of schooling must be moral, vocational intellectual, liberal, or spiritual.

Aims of Education

➢ Every gadget of schooling should have a purpose and the goal of training is relative to the goal of life. Philosophy shape needs to be the quit of existence whilst training affords suggestions. Now, this gives up is to be achieved.

➢ The truth-seeker struggles tough with the mysteries of lifestyles and arrives at their answer after mature reflection and thinking. He then suggests approaches and is capable of dealing with them. Thus he lays down closing values and explains their importance to the community. In this way, he tries to convert human beings to his very own beliefs and philosophy.

➢ These last values, as formulated through the philosopher, turn out to be the objectives of training for that community. The education of the youthful generation, in accordance with these objectives and values, then lies on the shoulders of the educator in the field. He selects the cloth for training and determines the strategies of technique for the attainment of these aims. In this way, the whole instructional program proceeds with its foundations on sound philosophy

Cultural Purpose of Education:-

➢ Culture is described as complex complete which consists of knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, tradition, people ways, religion, literature, and any different competencies and habits received by means of man as a member of society.

➢ M.K. Gandhi attaches his significance upon this cultural factor extra than the literary factor when he said, “culture is the foundation, the fundamental thing. It has to exhibit itself in the smallest small print of your habits and private behavior, how you sit, how you walk, how you dress, etc.

➢ Inner tradition has to be mirrored in your speech, the way in which you deal with site visitors and guests, and behave toward are every other and toward your instructors and elders”.

Aims of Education

➢ Culture includes a tremendous array of inter-related knowledge, skills, values, and goals.

➢ A cultured man or woman is he whose persona is refined, whose aesthetic tastes are developed, who lives a socially Useful life, who is socially efficient, who appreciates thoughts and values, who knows the high-quality concept of the neighborhood, and who no longer solely assimilates the wealthy experiences of the race however additionally make use of these experiences in a significant way for the improvement of the society.

➢ Culture is essential for the refinement of the physical, intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic components of the persona of an individual.

➢ Culture additionally expands one’s outlook, sharpens one’s activity, and fosters a suited behavior of the individual.

➢ Therefore, the purpose of schooling is to assist the persons to inherit the wealthy cultural heritage of the past, to keep and enrich it via things to do and transmit it to the rising technology in a fruitful and significant way.

➢ Moreover, education should cater to the improvement of all attributes vital for the evolution of a cultured personality, for a cultured character is a precious asset in society.

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