smallest animal in the world

The smallest animal in the world

1. what is the name of the smallest bird in the world?

Ans:-BeeĀ  Humming Bird

Humming birds are found in Cuba . Female birds are larger than males. Adult male birds are about 1.6-2.0 g in weight and about 5-6 cm in length. The female lays 2 eggs at a time.

2.what is the name of the smallest dog in the world?


Chihuahua is the smallest dog that originated in Mexico. This dog is named after the Mexican city Chihuahua. The height of this dog is aboutĀ  15-20cm and its weight is about 1.5-3 kg.

3.what is the name of the smallest monkey in the world?

Ans:- Pygmy marmoset

This monkey is found at the rainforest of the western Amazon in South America. The weight of this monkey is about 100 gm and 15 cm long.

4.What is the name of the smallest cat in the world? Hummingbirds are found in Cuba . Female birds are larger than males. Adult male birds are about 1.6-2.0 g in weight and about 5-6 cm in length. The female lays 2 eggs at a time.

Ans:- Rusty Spotted cat

This cat is found in the deciduous forest of India and Sri Lanka.

Weight – 0.6-1.6 kg in Adult

Length -41cm

5.What is the name of the smallest snake in the world?

Ans:-Barbados Thread snake

This snake is found in Caribbean islands such as Barbuda and Antigua.

Length -10 -11 cm in adult

Weight -0.6-0.7 gm

6.What is the name of the smallest fish in the world?

Ans :- Paedocypris petrogenetic

It is the smallest fish and also the smallest vertebrate in the world.

size;-10 mm in male

7.9mm in female

7.what is the name of the smallest woody tree in the world?

Ans:-Dwarf willow

Height – 1.6 cm

8.what is the name of the Smallest Cow in the world?

Ans:- Manikyam

This cow was owned by Akshay NV. in Kerala. This cow is about 60-80 cm in length.

9.What is the name of the smallest mouse in the world?

Ans :- Etruscan shrew

Size :-3-5cm

Weight :-1.5-3.0 gm

10.What is the name of the smallest butterfly in the world?

Ans:- Western pygmy blue

size- 0.5-0.80 inches

size-6-7 mm

Smallest to largest things

Smallest planet-Mercury
Largest planet-Jupiter
Fastest moving planet- Mercury
Closest planet sun -Mercury
the farthest planet from the sun- Neptune
slowest rotating planet- Venus
Biggest ocean- Pacific Ocean
Smallest Ocean-Arctic Ocean
Deepest Ocean- Pacific Ocean
Coldest Ocean- Arctic Ocean
Largest land Animal- Elephant
Longest Animal- Blue whale
Fastest Animal- Peregrine Falcon
Longest animal-Giraffe
Smallest Bird- Humming Bird
Largest Bird- Ostrich
Fastest Bird-swift
Largest country- Russia
Smallest country- Vatican city
Highest country- Tibet
Largest Continent-Asia
Smallest Continent- Australia
Largest RF- Grand central Terminal, USA
Longest RF- Kharagpur, India
Oldest RF- Liverpool Railway platform, Manchester
Largest – Mauna Loa
Highest-Ojos del Salado
Largest River- Amazon
Longest River- Nile
Longest Canal- Suez Canal
Busiest Canal-Baltic White sea canal
11. World most Rainiest spot- Cherrapunji
12. Longest & Highest wall- Great wall of china
13.Largest Airport- King Abdul Khalid International airport
14. Tallest Building- Burj Khalifa
15. Largest Museum- British Museum
16.Largest Delta- Sundarban , India
17.Largest Desert of World- Sahara Desert
18. Largest Desert Of India – Thar Desert
19. Highest Capital City- La Paz, Bolivia
20.Highest Mountain Range-Mt. Everest
21. Largest coral reef- Great barrier reef, Australia
22.Highest Water fall- Salto Angel falls
23.Tallest Statue- Spring Temple Buddha, China
24.Largest Mosque- Jama Masjid, New Delhi
25.Largest Sea- Mediterranean sea
26.Highest Plateau- Pamir Tibet
27.Hardest Substance- Diamond
28. Largest Peninsula- Arabia
29.Longest Gulf- Gulf of Mexico
30. Longest Gulf- Gulf Of Mexico
31.Longest Day- 21 june
32. Largest Democracy- India
33. Lightest Gas-Hydrogen
34.Largest Island- Greenland
35. Lighest Metal- Lithium

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