Marjorie Harvey Gets Romantic in Hoodie & Combat Boots

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Harvey

The full name of Marjorie Harvey is, Majorie Elaine Harvey and her nickname is the queen of slay cations. Majorie Harvey was born in the month of October the year 1964. Marjorie Harvey is the daughter of a famous designer stylist called Doris Bridges. And she is also the wife of the famous comedian and tv hoster steve Harvey she is about 58 years old and she was born below the sing of libra. Her height is about 5’8” and his net worth is $50 a million she has accounts on Instagram, FB, and Twitter.

Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation and Daily Routine

Background of Majorie Harvey

We know she is an extraordinary woman whose greatest level of learning is graduating from high school. She started her studies at Memphis university but unhappily she never finished it because of her low academic performance.

Her low grades in school were regretted very much. but she is a very creative girl because they always think extra or she always involves in extraordinary activities fashion designing is one of them because she knows that in this field she will get successful any time. when she left Memphis university she knew that one day her dreams comes true .at which she started to create her clothing line with which she obtain popularity for her delightful personality.

Majorie Harvey’s Married life

When she got success, Majorie Harvey shared her love journeys with Jim Thompson. Jim Thompson is a former television producer .he was first amnestied to Marjorie Harvey. they have two children named morgan and Jason. The reason for Majoriies Harvey”s divorce from Jason Townsend is not publically disclosed. the couple has not made any official statement about the reason for their separation

After that Majorie Harvey married Darnell woods for 2nd time, Darnell wood is an American businessman .he is best known for being the ex-husband of Majorie Harvey and she had a daughter called “Lori Harvey”.she also divorced him when she knew he was involved with another illegal matter in the year of 2001.

After that Harvey found a good and candid man in the year 2007, named “steve Harvey” and they got married in the same year .she met steve Harvey in a show of comedy in the year 1990. when Majorie was a client of Steve when he was working as a carpet cleaner. Steve Harvey and Majorie Harvey have been married since 2007 and have been together for over two decennaries. they have a good and big family of seven children from a previous relationship. Majorie Harvey is a fashion icon and lifestyle influencer and steve is a famous comedian, television host, radio host, and author also.

The relationship has been the subject of media attention and they have been praised for maintaining a strong bond despite their busy schedule and the challenges of blending their families. interviews they have spoken about the importance of communication and natural respect in their marriage.

Majorie Harvey”s bodyguard is not a matter of public record. personal security details and arrangements are typically kept private for safety reasons.

 Upcoming Majorie Harvey’s birthday dates-

Year-2023,day-Tuesday, date October 10



Year-2027,day-Sunday, date October 10

Majorie Harvey frequently asked questions-

Majorie Harvey’s career timeline

a) Majorie Harvey loves to outwear.

b)they built a foundation.

c) Marjorie Harvey is the queen of Instagram and social media.

d) The successful couple.


What is Majorie Harveys favorite food?

she loves to eat pizza and ice cream.

What is the majority favorite color?

she loves the black color very much

Where does Marjorie Harvey like to travel?

Where does Marjorie Harvey like to travel?
Marjorie Harvey likes to go to Greece, it’s her favorite place

Why we adored Marjorie Harvey?

1)Majorie Harvey is a beautiful and stylish women
2)she is a woman who knows how to attract somebody or impress.
3) Majorie Harvey is a loving woman.

Surprising facts about Majorie Harvey

a)Majorie Harvey has been called the queen of slay-cations
b)her devotion has been preserved for numerous decades.
c)The third is the perfect one.
d) the bodyguard changes her life.
e) Majorie Harvey loves to watch movies

Surprising facts about Majorie Harvey

a)Majorie Harvey has been called the queen of slay-cations
b)her devotion has been preserved for numerous decades.
c)The third is the perfect one.
d) the bodyguard changes her life.
e) Majorie Harvey loves to watch movies.

How many times did Majorie Harvey marry?

She marries about three times

What are Majorie”s personal interests and hobbies?

Majorie Harvey is known to have a love of travel, fashion, and interior design is also a known animal lover and has shared photos on social media.

How long have steve Harvey and Majorie Harvey been together?

They lived together since June 2007

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