Steve Harvey perceives success as the culmination of faith, hard work, perseverance, and the realization of personal goals. He emphasizes the importance of envisioning your dreams, setting clear and tangible goals, then working tirelessly toward them. To Harvey, success isn’t only material wealth or fame, but a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment. It’s about overcoming adversities, learning from failures, and persisting in spite of them. Taking risks or “jumping” to seize opportunities, even when success is uncertain, is central to his philosophy.

Harvey also advocates maintaining a positive attitude and faith as a means to stay resilient amidst life’s trials. Ultimately, he views success as an individual journey, unique for everyone, founded on personal values, ambitions, and the courage to pursue them.

5 Points in Life To Success By Steve Harvey

1- Set Clear Goals By Steve Harvey

“Set Clear Goals” is an empowering piece of wisdom from Steve Harvey. Harvey emphasizes that for one to succeed in life, it’s pivotal to have clear, defined, and measurable goals. According to him, this clarity is what transforms dreams into attainable objectives. Harvey suggests we should be as specific as possible in detailing our aspirations, which helps us visualize the outcome and work towards it. He reinforces the power of commitment and perseverance in meeting these goals, regardless of the hurdles that come along the way. He argues that a life without clear goals is like sailing without a destination, leaving us adrift and aimless.

In conclusion, Steve Harvey’s message in “Set Clear Goals” is a call for clarity, vision, and tenacity. It’s a declaration that we are the captains of our own lives and that the first step towards achieving our dreams is to define them explicitly.

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2- Take the Leap of Faith

“Take the Leap of Faith” is an influential and inspiring piece of advice from Steve Harvey, which emphasizes the significance of courage, risk-taking, and faith in the pursuit of our goals. Harvey suggests that life, much like a great adventure, requires us to step out of our comfort zones and take calculated risks. In his perspective, this act of stepping into the unknown is a ‘leap of faith’.


Harvey starts by acknowledging the comfort and security that lies in the familiar. However, he argues that if we let fear paralyze us, we may never know what we are truly capable of. He notes that the initial step may be fraught with uncertainty, but this is where faith plays a critical role. Faith, as Harvey describes, isn’t about knowing the entire path, but about taking the first step, trusting that the rest of the path will reveal itself as we move forward.

He believes that taking the leap of faith is an act of courage, one that puts us on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. It forces us to confront our fears, question our limitations, and ultimately emerge stronger and wiser. Harvey encourages us to embrace the possibility of failure, viewing it not as a permanent state but as a stepping stone to success. According to him, every failure brings us one step closer to our goals, instilling valuable lessons and resilience.

He beautifully illustrates the concept of the parachute as a metaphor for faith. He suggests that our parachute (faith) won’t open immediately when we jump (take risks). There may be a period of free-fall (uncertainty), but ultimately, our parachute will open (faith will see us through), and we will land safely to our destiny. In “Take the Leap of Faith”, Steve Harvey instills a bold and motivational spirit, inspiring individuals to embrace risks, trust in their abilities, and venture confidently in pursuit of their dreams.

3- Work Hard and Stay Disciplined

In “Work Hard and Stay Disciplined”, Steve Harvey instills the importance of unyielding effort and self-discipline in achieving success. According to Harvey, talent and luck alone don’t guarantee success, but a strong work ethic and discipline are the real game-changers.

He emphasizes that hard work is the fuel that drives us toward our goals. Harvey contends that there are no shortcuts in life, and the only way to climb the ladder of success is through consistent, diligent effort. He notes that each day is an opportunity to push ourselves further, hone our skills, and inch closer to our aspirations.

How to Be Successful By Steve Harvey

Alongside hard work, Harvey champions discipline, considering it the backbone of success. He argues that discipline is what keeps us committed to our goals, especially during tough times. It’s a discipline that helps us resist distractions and stay focused on our path. According to him, discipline is not just about setting routines but about making choices that align with our goals, even when those choices are difficult.

In summary, Steve Harvey’s “Work Hard and Stay Disciplined” is a powerful message highlighting the importance of resilience, diligence, and self-control in the quest for success. His philosophy reiterates that sustained effort and unwavering discipline are the key ingredients to transforming dreams into reality.

4- Embrace Failure:

“Embrace Failure” is a motivational piece by Steve Harvey that delves into the necessity of accepting and learning from failures on the road to success. Harvey postulates that failure is not the end, but rather a stepping stone on the journey to success. He encourages us to view failure as an opportunity for learning and growth, rather than a mark of defeat.

Harvey emphasizes that everyone, no matter how successful, has experienced failure at some point. He uses these experiences to illustrate that failure is not a setback, but a set-up for a comeback. He insists that it’s the ability to bounce back from failure that truly defines one’s character and resilience.

He acknowledges that failure can be daunting and painful, but argues that it’s through these challenging times that we discover our true strength and potential. He promotes the idea of using failure as a teacher, learning from our mistakes, and using these lessons to better navigate future challenges.

In essence, Steve Harvey’s “Embrace Failure” underscores the importance of maintaining a positive perspective toward failure. It’s a call to embrace our failures, to learn from them, and to use them as stepping stones on our journey to success.

5- Have Faith and Maintain a Positive Attitude:

“Have Faith and Maintain a Positive Attitude” is an inspiring message from Steve Harvey, encouraging us to maintain a hopeful perspective and unwavering faith in our journey toward success. Harvey advocates for the power of positivity, stating that it is our mindset that shapes our reality.

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He starts by emphasizing the importance of faith, the belief in something larger than ourselves, and the conviction that our dreams will materialize. He posits that faith serves as a pillar of strength, especially during challenging times. Having faith, according to Harvey, is crucial to keep us motivated and resilient in our pursuit of goals.

Equally vital, Harvey points out, is maintaining a positive attitude. He believes that positivity has the power to overcome negativity and obstacles, and it is this optimistic outlook that fuels our perseverance. Harvey suggests that we control our mindset, focusing on the positives rather than dwelling on negatives or setbacks. He advocates for the practice of gratitude and visualizing success as strategies to cultivate a positive attitude.

In a nutshell, Steve Harvey’s “Have Faith and Maintain a Positive Attitude” is an uplifting reminder that our journey toward success is greatly influenced by our belief in our dreams and our mindset. By having faith and nurturing a positive attitude, we can navigate life’s challenges and march confidently toward our goals.

By Biju Samal

Biju Samal, The Author, And Co-Founder Of Wide Education

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