tax system in India


Taxes are the greatest source of income for the Government of India and the Government utilized this money for the development of the nation. Taxes is a compulsory payment by a citizen of India to the government. No taxpayer can deny paying taxes to the government. Taxes are determined by the central government and state governments of the respective states.


Taxes are basically divided into 2 type-

1.Direct Tax

2.Indirect Tax

tax system in India

Direct Tax

A direct tax is that tax, which is born by the person on whom it is charge. A direct tax can not be shift to other person and  Include-

Personal income Tax

Gift Tax

Wealth Tax

Corporation Tax

Profession Tax

Cash Transaction Tax

Registration Tax

According to proposal of 2019 budget , you are not liable to tax if your income is less than 5 lakh .

CBDT ( Central board of direct tax) is a part of revenue department under ministry of finance which provide the inputs of planning & policy of direct Tax.

Indirect Tax

Indirect tax are those tax which have their primary impact on one person . But that person can shift his burden  to others .Indirect tax include sales tax, passenger tax , service tax, excise duty , vehicle tax ,custom duty and entertainment tax  etc.

CBEC( central board of excise & custom ) is also a part of revenue department and controls the indirect tax.

The central government introduce a new form of tax called Goods Service Tax (GST) which is the reformation of indirect Tax. CBEC are rename as CBIC(central board of indirect tax and Custom) to control GST.Tax System in India


A governor is the constitutional head of a state are appointed by president of India .In the name of a Governor all the executive action of a state is taken . But actually it was taken by CM & council minister. According to article 153 [¦]


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