Technology Integration

A. OHP (Overhead Projector)

The OHP is a small machine. It is used to project an photograph into a small display of white board. An overhead projector works on the identical precept as a 35mm slide projector. It was once created by using Jules Duboscq, a French inventor in 1870. Teaching substances can be pre-printed on plastic sheets upon which the educator can write the usage of a non-permanent marking pen. When the transparently sheet is full of written/drawn.Technology Integration

materials it can be changed with a new sheet. It allows the instructors to construct notes, make tables and draw diagrams. Hence it is very beneficial in the instructing mastering procedure as it lets in the educator to face the classification and enables better conversation between the college students & teacher. The projector is person pleasant and required no technical expertise on the section of the character running it. On the otherhand it requires a steady electricity grant and additionally requires white flat floor on which its picture can be projected.

B. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

An LCD projector is a kind of video projector. It is used to show video snap shots or computer facts on a display screen colleges use them to exchange OHP trainer use LCD Projectors to exhibit movies in class. The essential gain is its laptop to connection, thru which the teacher can get right of entry to a amazing range of video materials. Many college students get a clear view of a demonstration. An teacher can use an LCD

projector to a computing device record digital camera or webcom to exhibit a desk pinnacle demonstration to a massive audience. For instance a chemistry pro-fessor can function a chemical response or an anthropology trainer can exhibit the aspects of a skull.

Instead of a instructor simply speakme at the the front of the school room or writing phrases on the board, the projector permits the presentation of textual content audio, video. This is greater entertainment for the students.

Technology Integration E-classrooms

C. Smart Board:

The smart board is an interactive white board that uses touch detection for user input in the same way as normal PC input devices. The smart board interactive whiteboard works with any program loaded in the last computer Some applications are used with the smart board are Microsoft power Point, Excel, Word and Auto CAD. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun loving environment.

Essential component in the modern day class-room.

1. Provides flexibility: Interactive whiteboards permit many special types of media – which include photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, video games & video to be displayed. Smart boards makes gaining knowledge of to be greater dynamic owing to the one-of-a-kind varieties of providing information.

2. Enhanced teaching/Leaving experience: The boards come with contact display screen competencies that permit tactile freshmen to contact and web with the board. It helps visual learners can watch as their tutor use the whiteboards to mission visible elements, whereas audio newcomers can laster and have discussions.

3. Interact and share: Every learner her an apportunity to take part to the presentation. The boards supply for fast evaluation whereby newbies can obtain instant feedback.

4. Low Maintenance: Smart Boards are neat handy to use. The records on the display can be modified the use of a specialised highlighting device or pen. There is no want for the usage of inhygience chalk or marker board.

5. Access to online information and tools: Learners can shortly access to online information and complement their usual study material.

6. Going Green: Interactive Boards put off the want for writing, printing a picture copying. It is free from over-utilization of paper and ink.

7. Conclusion: Smart Boards simplify the learning process for students. Students will attain a higher perception of the general lesson.

Technology Integration E-classrooms

D. Chalk Board:

It also recognised as blackboard. It a reusable writing surface on which textual content or drawing are made of sticks of calcium carbonate. It is a valuable visible useful resource to the pupils.

The chalk board has many blessings each for the instructor and additionally the college students in brand new modern-day society.

Ease of Presentation:

A teacher can easily deliver the subject by using writing on chalkboard.

In math use of blackboard with chalk to write issues in the solely way of educating to the students.

In science, for biology subject’s trainer can draw diagrams.

In chemistry stoichemistry of equation formulas, chemical reactions can be taught properly via the use of chalk board.

The use of chalkboard helps in gain attention and interest of college students in subject.


Advantages for the Students:

It is easier for student to understand subject on black board.

  Seeing a topic on board is greater memorable have simply listening to it

Writing on blackboard gives ample time for the students to make his/her notes.

It makes student remain interest in class.

In the students sitting at the again benches, writing on board helps them to see higher if the instructors voice is no longer audible in some phrases or sentences.

Advantages of Using chalkboard:

It is in highly-priced teaching aid that interactive boards.

It is easily adoptable to emergene

It can be used in open air.

It does not require electrical energy to power them.


Chalkboard is time consuming in topic coverage than interactive boards.

Less attractive than interactive boards.

Virtual videos presentation is not possible in understanding a structure like biology etc.

Technology Integration E-classrooms

E.White Board:

A white board (also known by the terms marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board, pen-board) is any glossy usually white surface

for non permanent markings. It become popular in mid 1990s and they have become a fixture in many offices, meting rooms, classrooms etc.

Uses of white board:

Using dry erase board will save paper.

Students love working on their personal whiteboards. It is a excellent way of maintaining an complete classification actively involved in a lesson.

It improves capabilities in vocabulary, geography maths. Students can exercise handwriting skills.

Mistakes made for the duration of guided exercise can be effortlessly brushed away.

They can be used in any subject area.

F. Display Boards:

A display board is a board – formed material that is rigid and strong sufficient to stand on its personal cease typically used paper or different substances affixed to it.

The flannel board as a educating device is additionally referred to as a show board. It covers many sorts of materials, varieties of presentation. Display board acts as a bridging medium between college students and teacher.

The show board furnish possibilities for extra innovative & affective verbal exchange and educating technique.

G. Multimedia:

Multimedia means that computer information can be presented. via audio, video and animation in addition to ordinary media (i.e. text, graphics, drawings, images)

Technology Integration E-classrooms


E-classroom is described as the first social utility of the as-sisted practice in e-Education. This method displays e-classroom as on extention of the usual classroom, because face-to-face teaching, studying and assessing are included at the identical time it confirms that the pre-fix “e” from digital could be applied to an data system.

The e-classrooms serve as a meeting point for teachers, students and parents. It helps in keeping everyone absent of latest happenings in the real life study room in the structure of Daily Assignments, Activity photography, Information and different happenings.

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