Rocket League's Halloween

Rocket League’s

Beginning October 19, Rocket League players can drive horror film-themed cars and play in limited-time spooky modes as a section of the Haunted Hallows event.

Players can complete tournament challenges to unlock objects based on iconic horror villains, together with Billy the Puppet from Saw, Chucky from Child’s Play, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Sam from Trick’s Treat. Each villain has their own automobile decal and wheel. Challenges will also liberate other Halloween objects and Golden Pumpkins, which can in turn unencumber items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Auriga Item Series.

Rocket League's Halloween

Players can additionally pick up a range of horror-themed player anthems that will additionally appear in Rocket League’s object shop, including Hello Zepp, Chucky’s Laugh, Leatherface’s Chainsaw, Treat’s Treat song by Michael Douglas, John Carpenter’s Halloween theme, and the Muse track You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween featured in the event’s trailer. Each player’s anthem expenses 300 credits. You can also pick out up a Billy Puppet-themed goal explosion for 800 credits.More

The Super Cube mode

The Super Cube mode, which modifications the maximum speed, bounciness, and structure of Rocket League’s car-sized ball will return as Spooky Cube from October 19-26. Heatseeker will also return from October 26 till November 1. The Farmstead Arena will receive a spooky variant for the period of Haunted Hallows.More

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