What is Type of matter


Any Object around us which is occupied a space and has a mass is called a matters . The physical property of a matter such as volume , density , odor , color can be observed .Matter is made up of proton , Neutron and Electron  which are join together to form atom . atoms are join together to form molecule which are the building block of a matter . Anything around us such as T.V. , Laptop , Mobile , water ,fan, Orange is a matter. A matter can move one phase to another phase when energy is taken away by decreasing temperature or energy is added by increasing  Temperature .

Type Of Matter

Most of the student knows that only 3 type of matter are found in universe . But actually 5 type of matter are found in universe and the list was given below-







Solids are the type of matter in which atoms are closely packed with each other . so they do not move from one place to another place , only vibrate . Solids have  Particular shape , size , mass and volume. They only change their size when a outside force is applied . Solid can change into liquid by the process of melting( By increasing( temperature) .Solid also can change directly into gases by the process of sublimation . E.G-ice,gold, Iron etc.


Liquid are the type of matter in which atoms are loosely packed each other in compare to solid . Solid can move from one place to another place . They have volume but have not definite shape . so they conform the shape of the container . A liquid can change  into gas by vaporization (By increasing temperature) or can change into solid by freezing (By decreasing Temperature) . E.g-

Water, Milk etc .


Gases are the type of matter in which atom have very large space between them .They have very high Kinetic Energy . Gases have not definite volume and shape .Gases can change into liquid by decreasing temperature or can directly change into solid by the process of deposition .E.G- o2 , co2 , N , etc.


Plasma is a type of matter which is formed at very high temperature & consist ions . Plasma have very high kinetic energy . Eg- Stars including sun .

5.BEC( Bose Einstein Condensates)

A BEC is a type of Matter of dilute gas of bosons cooled to absolutely zero temperature . No intermolecular space left between the atom .This matter was made artificially , doesn’t occur naturally .E.g- super fluid , Super conductor .

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