Meaning of Value Crisis in Education

              “Ahimsa’ was the motto of ancient India. The religions that originated in India like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism have been preaching values for centuries. Our country is known for values and value-based practices is all walks of our lives. The practice of Dharma was insisted. Our people have sacrificed everything even life to stick on to the values. Harischandra, Sri Rama, Bali Chakravartty, Sibi, and the ancient seers are some of the examples to mention here. Even the rulers sacrificed their lives to protect the people. But the present situation is different. People are ready to harm to any extent with selfish motives. They are hesitant even to kill people it they are benefited. Such instances are happening in almost every day. When the questioning of values existing in practice, refusing them to follow etc. are started, there is conflict and chaos is following them. Immediately the alternative values do not emerge and come into force in the society. That situation can be considered as value crisis.
  • Sympathy, kindness, truthfulness, hones, justice, duty mindedness etc. are a few to mention. But at present mobilization, westernization, urbanization, industrialization are influencing the people like anything. As a result, value crisis has emerged in almost all fields. Every body talks about values but not ready to follow them. Let us see how it happens.


1. Value Crisis in the family:
  • Family is regarded as ancient, universal social institution right from our civilization. Even in family there are some values to be followed. Our family system is very strong.
  • The patriarchal system was prevalent in our country, though there are stray cases existing the matriarchal system. Previously at least two to three generations lived together under one roof. In a joint family system, the values like care, kindness, sympathy, adjustment; sharing, love, affection, control, obedience, help etc. are some of the values practiced.
  • Even the grand parents used to teach children about the need for values and their importance informally. Religion was another strong agency influences the people right from the family level.
  • These things control the younger ones in adhering the values. Thus the family acts as the basis for value development.
  • This system is disappearing now and nuclear family system has emerged. The present people are becoming narrow minded, selfish and self centered. The relationships between the blood relatives or the husband and the wife including the children are weakening. More number of divorces are taking place: Old age homes, day care centre’s came into existence.
  • The life is becoming miserable particularly for the aged diseasedy dependents. It is becoming more and more materialistic and mechanical.

2. Value Crisis in Society:

  • The society, where all the people of that society give importance to values, that can be considered as value based society. Our tradition has regarded the entire human society as one family. It has become an unbelievable fact that people dedicate themselves for the welfare of the society or well being of the people.
  • At present the values are degrading in the society. People are considered as one race irrespective of their origin, position, status, economic position, as self. Self realization and self actualized were regarded as prime values of life.
  • Now the society is being divided on the basis of caste, religion, language, region etc. the people are becoming more and more selfish with strong personal motives and endanger our to the society. Selfishness is being replaced by selflessness or sacrifice, violence is replaced by peace, wrong by right, bad by good etc.
  • people are being exploited like any thing. Bribary, Immorality, Corruption, etc. are on the increase. The present leaders are taking the advantage to protect their own people by violating the law or against to the principles of that society by taking the power into their hands.

3. Value Crisis in Polities:

  • Previously people entered into the field of politics to serve the people. They spend their property and strength for the well being of the society. All that was the past. In the present polities, it is very difficult to trace out even a single leader untouched by immorality or the crime or injustice.
  • The-very nature of present elections involve the money, alcohol, ragging and violence. Only the people with criminal history are entering the field of politics and protected by the  intern try to protect the maphia for their survival.
  • These people make the laws for their own protection and continuation it their positions. Previously the politicians are revered by the public and put all the efforts to solve the problems of the public or common people.
  • They dug wells, and water tanks and laid the river etc. they protected the innocent and needy. But the present politicians are converting these lands of tanks into house sites and enchroaching the public places thousands of hectares of public lands to make money out of it.
  • The leaders in postion are struggling hard not only for the present generation but also for their successive generations to continue in that field.
  • They want to lay the strong foundation for their children also. They recognized that it is an easy way to earn money and property by exploiting the people and violating the law and order. They treat the public property as if it is their own property and they have every right over it either to sell it out cr enjoy or both for centuries together.
  • They also try to train their kith and kin to enjoy not only their family property but the country’s property. They cheat the people in various  ways at different stages right from nomination, canvassing, countering, voting etc. after being elected, they totally ignore the people and their manifesto. They are more conscious of their seats than the well being of the society. They are behind all the scams and atrocities.
  • They compare themselves with other politicians and compete to earn more and more and concentrate on money making and its accumulations. Thus there is value crisis in the field of polities also.
4. Value Crisis in Ethics:
  • There is a saying that the person, who sticks on to the Ethical principles stands for ever. There wor’t be any defeat for that person at any point of time. But the scene is entirely different now. The person, who stands for morals cannot survive is any position or succeed is life. This is the present ‘motto of the life.
  • He will be made as a scape boat by all. People regard that individual as a fool. In general people preach all sorts of morals on the stage or in their speech but practice nothing. These values are confined only to teach to others but not for them.
  • They refine values, which suit to their own benefit. They treat what ever they think, they do is correct. They argue that their practices are valid and taken for granted. They take every thing into their hands. At the same time they expect every body to be lawful and obey time thus the people expect something from others and follow some thing else. This leads to value crisis.

5. Value Crisis in Education:

  • The education is nothing but shaping the individuals in the righteous manner. But the system of education is slowly moving into the hands of private people. It is being commercialized. They adopt all sorts of mal practices to attract the parents and get high percentage of both results and marks. They pay less and extract more from the teachers.
  • In almost all the institutions, the required number and qualified teachers are shown only on the records but the real scenario is different. Every aspect is mismanaged.
  • The relationship between the teacher and the student is weakened. In the name of payment seats, management seats, they are earning money.
  • Some institutions even canvass that the students need not attend to the institution either to the classes or examinations but would get the certificates if they pay more money. Fake universities are coming up and issuing the certificates. Even mass copying is also allowed through bribing authorities of the examination or coaching centers. This is the state of affairs at present. No recognition for the really talented. Thus the very purpose of education is totally ignored.



6. Value Crisis in Technology:

  • It a well known fact that the technology has changed the entire living patterns of the people and making things much more easier. Due to knowledge explosion and technological revolution people are leading their lives more comfortably. But there is other side of the corn which requires to be taken coin of.
  • At present every body is using cell phones, computers, media etc. computers have entered into every field of life. Though the internet is useful in making things easier, but the use of internet has some negative consequences also.
  • People are prone for misuse of cell phones, internet, web technology etc. particularly the youth are prone for such practices. There is an increase in cyber crimes, tracking, cracking etc. technology is also helpful for terrorists and other antisocial elements.
  • Always it should be used only for constructive purposes but not for destruction. Thus the value system is being affected by the use of technology. Even the environmental pollution is the consequence of indiscriminate use of modern technology and technological gadgets. This is creating dreadful hazards like global warming, which is threatening the existence of life on earth.

7. Value Crisis in Media:

  • The media has an effective impact in providing the information so quickly to the masses. But both the electronic and print media, which includes T. V, News Paper, books etc. are educating the people us various ways. T
  • here are some channels which are informative. Always the bad things are more powerful than the good ones. The media is influencing the values, beliefs, traditions, customs, attitudes, feelings etc.
  • In a negative manner. Because of commercialized tendency of the media people to attract more and more, they are adopting unacceptable practices in their programmes. Since it is reaching vastly and so quickly and easily, particularly the youth are more fascinated by them.
  • Even the children develop newer images. Particularly the younger ones are targeted by this. Since there is competency among different channels of television, there is increasing absurd things in various programmes that are being telecasted, Some are even objectionable if they are perceived from ethical point of view.
  • There is value crisis is innumerable ways like dress, language, increased violence, crime etc. as a result the next generations will develop the negative tenderizes to the existing value patterns there is possibility to become crocked and rough and tough instead of sensitive and peaceful  even the cinema is also having a similar impact on us.
  • The above mentored are some important areas where the value crisis emerge. But in all walks of our lives, activities, constructions, food, habits, rituals, social institutions, etc. involve values, people think that violating tradition is modernity. It is not correct. Until the values are protected, it can be practiced and they can invite any practice into their lives. But it is not happening now people should be awakened from these negative influences.[….]


Concept of Values |Meaning and Classification

By Biju Samal

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