Old-school light-bulbs now vanish because of electricity save and budget friendly

1.  lightbulbs

Now days pupil use smart technology for there home and offices for batter comfort and easy to use 

2. Keys

Today Generation don't want to use heavy and bulky system. so they use slime laptop and smartphones 

3. Desktop computers

Today smart watch generation , so people forget old school analog watch.

4. Analog watches

Now smart TV coming, so now every one can control TV by voice and gesture. now no need for remote

5. Remote controls

Now you don't want to carry text book every were. every thing is in your smartphone and tablets.

6. Textbooks

DVD is difficult use and they crush easily. Now you can memory card and pen-drive to store your data.   

7. DVDs

Today, most automakers have stopped offering manual transmission cars in the U.S., while others have moved to "semi-automatic"

8. Manual transmission vehicles

Today companies move to  development of augmented reality and virtual reality platforms.

9. Televisions

Don't get the wrong idea: Car insurance is still required today for most U.S. drivers, so don't stop paying your premiums.

10. Car insurance