American Airlines to buying 20 jets from Boom Supersonic

American Airlines says it’s doing what it does best—by taking its fleet supersonic.

The US airline introduced these days that it entered into an settlement with plane manufacturer Boom Supersonic to buy up to 20 of its Overture jets.

The new contract includes the option for additional 40 aircraft.

The new photos these days launched of the incredibly anticipated aircraft. The Overture is designed to raise sixty five to eighty passengers at over twice the speed of today’s quickest commercial jet.

American Airlines is the second major US airline to purchase the new aircraft

United Airlines announced plans to acquire new Overtures for its fleet.

Looking to the future, supersonic tour will be an vital phase of our capacity to supply for our clients

Derek Kerr, American Airlines chief financial officer, in a statement. We are excited about how Boom will shape the future of travel for our company and our customers

valued at about $26 billion

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