Angela Yee's Lip Service -With Omarion, Babyface & Ari Lennox  Ep-372 to 373

           Episode 372 Omarion joins the ladies this week to promote his latest book 'Unbothered.'

He breaks down his 3 phases of celibacy, having trust issues

The current state of his dating life, the art of sending the perfect d**k pic, and much more

        Episode 373 Producer, Babyface and singer, Ari Lennox join the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote their upcoming/latest albums.

Babyface's album 'Girls Night Out' drops October 21st while Ari Lennox's 'Age/Sex/Location' is out for consumption now

Babyface shares an incredible story about his first love, and how it led to him writing songs

While Ari opens up about her issues falling in love with the right man

Ari even admits it's over a year since she's given ora* Enjoy