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Breast cancer


Women who turn out to be pregnant and have a stay delivery following a analysis of breast most cancers may also have higher ordinary survival (OS) results than these except stay births post-cancer, in accordance to a find out about introduced at ESHRE 2022.

“OS used to be extended in girls who had a stay delivery after breast cancer, which includes in these aged <30 [years] at analysis and besides a preceding stay birth,” stated Anderson and co-authors.

identify women aged <40 years

Breast cancer diagnosis (hazard ratio [HR], 0.65, 95 percent

who had not been pregnant They have also Impact average (HR, 0.56, 95 percent

Live birth did not significantly affect OS in women aged 31–36 years or 36–39 years at diagnosis

Most women had a live birth within 5 years of breast cancer diagnosis (n=182),

Scan Breast cancer

However, evidence on this is scarce with a lack of information on patient factors that may influence outcomes, they said.