Bruce Lee Fighting Skill - best fighter in the world

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method is a book of volumes covering Bruce Lee's martial arts abilities of the Jeet Kune Do movement.

Here we’ll be talking about probably one of the most iconic figures of martial arts and what people consider the godfather of mixed martial arts, because of his thinking and his philosophy of mixing up styles. We’re talking about the legend Bruce Lee.

He always kept a very long distance between him and his opponent for kicking range

Bruce Lee is around 135 pounds roughly and he’s about 5ft 8, a long 135 pound man, so he uses that reach to his advantage and he uses that to barricade his opponent from coming in on him and makes him take a detour

His line of defence, that front kick is an amazing

Bruce Lee is very quick to switch stances to close the distance

He likes to play mind games with his opponents out there and even with his students

Bruce Lee is naturally a counter-striker and he doesn’t like to lead

He was very good at adjusting as well

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