Did Marjorie Harvey File for Divorce Rumour

Marjorie and Steve Harvey have been married since 2007 and have faced several rumors about their marriage over the years.

In early 2021, false reports surfaced online claiming that Marjorie had filed for divorce from Steve, citing irreconcilable differences.

These rumors were based on anonymous sources and were not confirmed by Marjorie or Steve.

Marjorie later took to social media to debunk the rumors and posted a photo of her and Steve with the caption "we not goin nowhere."

Steve also addressed the rumors on his radio show, stating that he and Marjorie were "good" and that the rumors were "fake news."

Despite the couple's denials, the rumors continued to spread on social media, with some even speculating that Marjorie had cheated on Steve.

However, there is no evidence to support these claims, and the couple has not addressed them directly.

As of March 2023, Marjorie and Steve Harvey remain happily married, and there have been no credible reports or indications of any impending divorce proceedings.