Today You Learn Some Tips and Trick how cut your grocery bill in half of price 

1. Use coupons: coupons is always best idea to save money.

2. Show some loyalty If you are regular customer then give some respect to shop keeper to take extra discount next time.

.3. Keep track of sales cycles You have to track sales cycle  every month for extra discount and budget friendly.

4. Skip the hand basket. hand basket is the strategy of the shop owners for extra sales. when you came for one product then don't use it. 

5. Shop late in the day: If You shop in late in the day, always you find product have some discount

6. Buy store-brand products: Shop owners give first priority to their product, and give huge discount for first sales 

7. Find the friendly checker : Find friendly checker to know the sales and discount information for batter deals.

8. Learn how to stack Stacking is when you use both a store’s coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon toward the purchase of a single product.

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