How did Steve Harvey become the host of Family Feud?

Steve Harvey was chosen to host Family Feud in 2010, following a successful career as a comedian and television personality.

He had previously hosted several other shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and his own talk show, The Steve Harvey Show.

Family Feud producers were impressed by Harvey's charisma and ability to connect with audiences.

Harvey's comedic background was also seen as a valuable asset for the show, as he could bring humor and energy to the program.

His experience as a family man and father also made him a relatable host for the show's family-oriented theme.

Harvey's hosting style, which includes playful banter with contestants and exaggerated facial expressions, became a popular aspect of the show.

Under Harvey's tenure, Family Feud experienced a resurgence in popularity and became one of the highest-rated shows on daytime television.

Harvey continued to host the show until 2020, when he was replaced by actor and comedian Alfonso Ribeiro.