How Does A VPN Work For Streaming Services? - Should You Use a VPN


The thought of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) dates returned to the 1990s when the current age of the internet was just starting.

Over the course of time, VPNs have evolved into accessible clever apps that offer security, privacy, anonymity, and several different benefits.

Normally when you connect to the internet, you connect to a server run by using your web provider provider (ISP) and from there to the web site you prefer to visit. In this scenario, the website online is aware of who you are and your ISP can see what you’re doing there.

When using a VPN, you connect from your ISP’s server to a server run by your VPN provider and only then to the site you’re visiting.

VPN server rather than your own—called “spoofing”

The most common way to connect to a VPN server is install application on your computer or mobile phone

VPNs are primarily used for online security and privacy reasons.

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