How Marjorie Harvey helped Lori Harvey's brand and image?

Marjorie Harvey has played a significant role in shaping Lori Harvey's personal brand and image.

Marjorie is a fashion icon herself and has helped Lori develop her sense of style and fashion.

Marjorie has introduced Lori to designers and helped her curate her wardrobe.

Marjorie has encouraged Lori to be confident in her own skin and embrace her natural beauty.

Marjorie has advised Lori on social media and how to use it to build her brand.

Marjorie has helped Lori maintain a positive public image, offering guidance on public appearances and interviews.

Marjorie has supported Lori in pursuing her interests and building her career, while also emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

Marjorie's influence has helped Lori become a successful influencer and role model in her own right.