How old was Marjorie when she married Steve Harvey

Marjorie Elaine Harvey was born on October 10, 1964, in the United States.

She was previously married to two other men before she met Steve Harvey.

Marjorie and Steve first met in the late 1980s at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee, but they didn't start dating until many years later.

Steve and Marjorie started dating in 2005 and got engaged in 2007.

Marjorie was around 42 years old when she got engaged to Steve Harvey in 2007.

They got married on June 25, 2007, in a private ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.

At the time of their wedding, Marjorie was around 42 years old, and Steve was 51 years old.

Since then, they have been together for over a decade and have faced many challenges and triumphs as a couple.