Provided emotional support: Steve has been there for Marjorie during tough times, offering her comfort and encouragement

Encouraged her to pursue her dreams: Steve has supported Marjorie in pursuing her passions and goals

Acted as a sounding board: Steve has been a trusted confidant for Marjorie, listening to her concerns and offering his perspective

Helped with parenting: Steve has stepped in to help with raising Marjorie's children from a previous marriage, as well as their own children and grandchildren.

Provided financial stability: Steve's success as a comedian and TV host has provided financial security for Marjorie and their family

Demonstrated loyalty: Steve has stood by Marjorie's side through ups and downs, showing his commitment to their relationship

Celebrated her successes: Steve has been proud of Marjorie's achievements and celebrated her successes with her

Offered spiritual guidance: Steve has been vocal about his faith and has shared it with Marjorie