How to see Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone with iOS 16

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Apple has made it possible for customers to see the password for the Wi-Fi community their iPhone is related to with iOS 16

Image Credit by- theapplepost

making it effortless to copy, paste and share Wi-Fi passwords, some thing that in the past wasn’t feasible to do.

Apple has only shown the name of the Wi-Fi network

Image Credit by- theapplepost

iPhone is connected to, without the option to see the Wi-Fi password

How to see Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone with iOS 16


1. – Open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi 2. – When connected to a network, tap the small “i” button to see more information

3- Tap the Password field and authenticate when prompted with either Touch ID or Face ID

4- – When the Wi-Fi password appears, either tap Copy to copy the password to your iPhone’s clipboard, or share the password with friends and family

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