Is Judge Steve Harvey Scripted : Marjorie Think

As a TV personality, Steve Harvey's appearances on these shows are likely scripted to some degree.

This means that his lines and actions may be planned out in advance by the show's producers and writers.

However, the extent of the scripting may vary depending on the show and the specific situation.

For example, on "Little Big Shots," the show may have a general script for each episode, but some of the interactions between Harvey and the child performers may be improvised.

On "Miss Universe," Harvey famously made a mistake in announcing the wrong winner in 2015, which suggests that not everything is completely scripted.

Nonetheless, his subsequent hosting of the pageant was likely more tightly scripted to avoid any further mistakes or mishaps.

Overall, as a judge, Harvey is expected to offer his own opinions and critiques on the performances or contestants

Despite the potential scripting, Harvey's charisma and humor often make for entertaining and engaging performances that audiences enjoy.