Is Lori Harvey following Kim Kardashian's playbook?

Lori Harvey has been romantically linked to several high-profile celebrities, similar to Kim Kardashian's past dating history.

Both women have a large following on social media and are known for posting pictures of their luxurious lifestyle.

Both Lori Harvey and Kim Kardashian have a unique and eye-catching fashion sense and are often seen sporting the latest fashion trends.

Both women have entrepreneurial ventures and are known for promoting their brand and businesses on social media.

Both Lori Harvey and Kim Kardashian have faced their fair share of lawsuits and controversies, which have been highly publicized in the media.

Both women are involved in philanthropic causes and are known for their charitable work.

Both Lori Harvey and Kim Kardashian come from well-known and influential families

Their personal and professional lives are often in the public eye.