Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge Until 2023

Steve Harvey is primarily known as a comedian, actor, and TV host, not a judge.

He has served as a judge on several TV shows, including "Showtime at the Apollo," "Little Big Shots," and "Miss Universe."

In these shows, he was not a real judge in a legal sense, but rather a celebrity judge who offered his opinions and critiques on performances or contestants.

On "Showtime at the Apollo," he was one of several judges who helped decide which performers would advance in the competition.

On "Little Big Shots," he helped select and showcase talented children from across the country.

On "Miss Universe," he served as the host and also helped to judge the contestants.

Although he is not a real judge, his experience as a TV personality and entertainer has made him well-suited for judging roles on various programs.

Despite his lack of legal experience, his humor and charisma have made him a popular and entertaining judge for audiences to watch.