Judge Steve Harvey All Season Full Episode

Season 1, Episode 11 of Judge Steve Harvey is titled "The Case of the Missing Car."

The episode centers around a woman named Denise, who claims that her ex-boyfriend, John, took her car without permission and refuses to return it.

Denise says that she lent John the car while they were still together, but after they broke up, he refused to give it back.

John argues that Denise gave him the car as a gift and that he has been making payments on it ever since.

Steve hears testimony from both parties and ultimately rules in favor of Denise, stating that she never intended to give the car to John as a gift.

As a result of the ruling, John is ordered to return the car to Denise and pay her for any damages that were incurred while he was in possession of it.

The episode also features a segment called "Ask Steve," where Steve gives advice to audience members on various relationship issues.

Overall, the episode follows a common theme of Judge Steve Harvey, which is to provide a forum for people to resolve their disputes in a fair and equitable manner.