Listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Steve Harvey Morning Show is a nationally syndicated radio program that airs on weekdays.

The show is hosted by comedian and television personality Steve Harvey, along with a team of co-hosts that includes Shirley Strawberry, Carla Ferrell,

The show features a mix of comedy, music, celebrity interviews, and news and entertainment updates.

The team often engages in humorous banter and segments such as "Strawberry Letter" and "Nephew Tommy's Prank Phone Calls."

The show has a large following and is broadcast in over 100 markets across the United States.

Steve Harvey uses the show as a platform to share his perspective on a range of topics, including relationships, parenting, and current events.

The show also features regular guests, including musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show has been on the air since 2000 and continues to be a popular source of entertainment and inspiration for listeners.