Lori and Marjorie Harvey Relationship- Link with Steve Harvey

Lori and Marjorie have a close relationship, with Marjorie often sharing pictures and videos of them together on social media.

Lori is a model and social media influencer, and Marjorie is a lifestyle blogger and fashion entrepreneur.

Both Lori and Marjorie are active in philanthropy and have worked together on various charitable projects.

Marjorie has been supportive of Lori's career and has helped her to navigate the entertainment industry.

Lori often refers to Marjorie as her best friend and role model.

Both Lori and Marjorie are known for their sense of style and often share fashion tips and inspiration on social media.

Lori Harvey is the stepdaughter of American comedian, television host, and producer Steve Harvey,

Who is married to her mother, Marjorie Harvey.