Lori Harvey and Teyana Taylor Dating, both successful women

Lori Harvey and Teyana Taylor are both successful women in their respective fields. Harvey is a model and socialite, while Taylor is a singer, actress, and director.

The rumors of their romantic involvement began in November 2021 when they were spotted together at an event in New York City.

While neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors, they were seen spending more time together in subsequent weeks,

Fans of both women quickly picked up on the potential relationship, and the couple was dubbed "Lori and Teyana" on social media.

The couple's fashion sense and style became the talk of the town as they were often spotted wearing matching outfits.

In December 2021, the couple made headlines again after they were seen together in Jamaica, where they celebrated Teyana's birthday.

Despite the media attention, the couple has not publicly discussed the nature of their relationship

Their fans continue to show support and excitement for the couple, with many expressing admiration for their individual talents