Lori Harvey Just Like MoM Marjorie Harvey

Lori Harvey, like her mother, has a great sense of style and is known for her impeccable fashion choices

Lori exudes confidence and carries herself with grace and poise, just like her mother

Like Marjorie, Lori has shown her business acumen by launching her own skincare line and collaborating with major fashion brands

Both Lori and her mother have a significant social media presence and use their platforms to promote their personal brands

Lori has demonstrated a strong work ethic, just like her mother, by consistently pursuing her goals and working hard to achieve th

Family is important to both Lori and Marjorie, and they have a close relationship that is evident in their social media posts

Both Lori and her mother are known for their stunning beauty and have graced the covers of major fashion magazines

Just like Marjorie, Lori is committed to giving back to her community and has been involved in several charitable causes