Lori Harvey video leak Michael B. Jordan's Hands ? Is Real

Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan is accused of leaking his former girlfriend Lori Harvey's private tape.

Lori Harvey leaked video has been going viral on social media from past few days.

Lori Harvey private video leak has started a speculation game as it comes after the American model's breakup with Michael B. Jordan.

fans allege that Michael B. Jordan might be the person who has leaked it.

Fans suggest that the woman in the viral tape is none other than Michael B. Jordan's ex-girlfriend,

On Thursday 18 August, her name was circulating on social media as people speculated that there is a video of Harvey getting intimate.

Lori Harvey leak video report came after a famous blogger claimed she has watched her leaked private tape.

Some female fans have been defending Harvey while calling out some men searching for the video online. L